1. Candeias

    Medicines in European Union?

    Does anyone know sites/people where to buy medicines without a prescription within EU? Grateful.
  2. TruffleGnocchi

    Progesterone source in europe?

    Anyone know how to get or sells progesterone, within Europe? No international because of customs. Or ways to get progesterone from pharmacy? I heard Bulgaria sells OTC but I'm not going to Bulgaria. Maybe other countries in western Europe sell OTC or give easy prescription progesterone?
  3. youngsinatra

    NATO Kicks Off Its Biggest Air Force Drills Since End of Cold War („Air Defender“) WUNSTORF, Germany — More than 250 aircraft and 10,000 personnel will participate in a two-week military exercise beginning on Monday involving NATO nations and Japan, in what host nation Germany bills as the...
  4. A

    Where to buy Selegiline in Europe

    Hello, Does anybody know where to buy Selegiline in Europe? Seems that AllDayChemist is not shipping to europe anymore :/ Thanks in advance
  5. A

    Best TCM source in Europe?

    Looking into traditonal chinese medicine, and found Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan/Pian for treatment of varicocele. Can’t find any reliable source in Europe that supply this medicine, do you know any source or do I need to ship from the US?
  6. NodeCerebri

    European Vendor for Idealabs products?

    Will there be the possibility to have a european vendor of idealabs products where they ship products from within the EU? Yeah, I know I could order it from the US, but the customs are ********************* Thanks for any help.
  7. Drareg

    European Commission President von der Leyen ancestors were Plantation and slave owners

    You can’t make this up, it’s in plain sight on Wikipedia, if the ruling class propaganda outlet cover it we can be sure it’s far worse under the surface. She won’t get canceled now will she! it highlights how the woke are a narcissistic cult, they attach themselves to causes that are amplified...
  8. Drareg

    Integrity Watch Europe

    This is a good website and highlights the thousands of lobbying groups that pass through the EU headquarters in Europe, clearly the European Parliament work for lobbying groups more so than the public, it’s no surprise the EU project became about migrants form the third world all of sudden, they...
  9. Drareg

    Palantir the eye of the panopticon

    I found this article and it’s worth reading, it’s about Palantir, it uses data harvesting and predictive outcome algorithms, it’s essentially finding information from the masses and creating meanings for them to follow, it’s like a more accurate propaganda machine, it learns how to dangle the...
  10. mayku-T-meelo

    Aspirin/Acetylsallicylic acid - source in Europe?

    Hello everybody, does anyone know of a good, clean and reliable source of aspirin that one could buy in Europe? I am looking for a pure compound I could buy in larger quantities and store, so it would last a little longer. Any advice or suggestion would be welcome, I am sorry if it was already...
  11. Peroxphos

    Where to buy bulk succinate / succinic acid in Europe?

    Does someone know where to buy 500gr or 1kg of succinic acid or any succinate salt in Europe, without being a registered professional ? All vendors seem to require a professional ID. I would like to try the pro-metabolic effects and the biofilm disruption effect. Thanks and best regards
  12. Drareg

    Europe Road Map On Vaccinations From 2019

    It’s impressive that this road map was drawn up in quarter 3 of 2019 around the same time as Bill Epstein Gates event 201. Have a look here, conspiracies abound.... Did you know about the global...
  13. haidut

    One In Four People Will Have Stroke At Least Once, Including People In Their 20s

    Yet another great indication of the "improving" health of the Western world (and China). Those geographical areas saw the biggest risk increases over the last quarter century, and in some of those areas the lifetime risk of stroke reached 40%+. China took the "crown" in the male competition...
  14. S

    Vitamin E - European Sources

    For some reason, all of the high concentration (95%) mixed tocopherol vitamin e oil is sold in the USA. I could find more than 10 different US based sources selling "natural mixed tocopherol 95%" and not a single EU based one. Which makes me wonder if there is some kind of EU regulation that...
  15. W

    Methylene Blue Powder - Sources And Handling/Dosage

    Proveblue : A source of very pure Methylene blue. I don't know if, for those living in the US, the product is available; however for those living in the EU this is a very good product. :D,7
  16. F

    Red Light In Europe

    The winter is here and it's cold and dark all the time were I live. I need some help to find the right type of lights to use during the winter. We have 220-240 v here while US has 110-130 v or something, right? Anyways, I found this bulb on ebay: ...
  17. P

    Source for Flowers of Sulphur that ships to Europe?

    Does anyone know a place which sells for flowers of sulphur and who ships to Europe? I want it for treating candidiasis but have big troubles finding a source!
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