1. haidut

    Dopaminergic/antiserotonin drug treats schizophrenia - psychiatry is a giant FRAUD!

    Some people make take issue with the title and claim that it is too dramatic. In this case, at least, the title may even be an understatement in regards to evidence of just how utterly FRAUDULENT psychiatry is and has been for decades. Speaking of the latter, psychiatry has claimed for decades...
  2. J

    Lowering prolactin is tough

    Is it meant to be this uncomfortable to lower prolactin? I’m taking a fairly high dose of Vitex 2000mg to lower my high prolactin and raise progesterone. Trying to stop some female bleeding. Its been causing agitation, buzzing/static in head and ears, light sensitivity, vision disturbances and...
  3. J

    Vitex Prolactin I’m trying to understand how Vitex is able to lower prolactin, yet raise estradiol according to this pdf. Is this why Vitex is dose dependent? It states it’s beneficial effects dropped off by 5th cycle. Does this mean Vitex loses effect if...
  4. J


    I still can’t decide if Theanine raises dopamine or serotonin. I wanted to use it to lower prolactin and was so sure it was dopaminergic and then I would suddenly come across an article that says it raises serotonin. Any experience with it lowering prolactin through dopamine action? If it...
  5. haidut

    Inhibiting dopamine breakdown reverses obesity WITHOUT caloric restriction

    Yet another study showing that the dogma we have been fed for decades - eat less and move more - is little more than a fraudulent lie. Recent studies have already demonstrated that chronic caloric restriction changes body composition for the worse - i.e. despite the weight loss, most of that...
  6. J

    Strange reaction to Theanine

    I found I reacted strangely to Theanine. Both positive and negative. I originally wanted to use it to try and help lower my prolactin via raising dopamine and perhaps rid some background anxiety. I started off at 100mg and didn’t experience much, so I upped it to 200mg. At that dose, I found...
  7. haidut

    Vitamin D deficiency and low, not high, dopamine drive schizophrenia

    One of the most persistent medical myths can be found in psychiatry. More specifically, in the category of psychotic mental disorders. Schizophrenia is perhaps the most widely studied representative of such conditions and the prevailing dogma/hypothesis about schizophrenia (and other psychotic...
  8. Androsclerosis

    Is talking alone a sign of low dopamine?

    Rarely I find myself talking alone when I have nothing to do. It doesn't bother me but my intuition tells me that it's like masturbation, it may desensitize dopamine receptors. What do you think?
  9. Mauritio

    Pregnenolone for the treatment of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease

    In this study they showed that administering pregnenolone to rats with parkinsons ameliorated the dyskinesia, caused by L-DOPA. The Human equivalent dosages were 75mg, 225mg and 450mg per day. There was a dose-response effect, meaning higher dose = more effective. Now they often get the MoA...
  10. Sapien

    Does raising gaba lower dopamine?

    “In mouse research, upon activation of GABA neurons in the VTA, a strong inhibitory effect was reported on the rate of firing in DA neurons. In contrast, following GABA neuron inhibition, a disinhibition or increase of dopamine was witnessed. These findings indicate that firstly, GABA...
  11. A

    Glutamate and Mental Problems - Any Hacks to overcome??

    I did an amino acid test recently and was found to be high in Glutamate. This explains why I used to get excitotoxic symptoms (Panic, OCD, Anger, Migraine, sometimes suicidal thoughts) after eating specific foods like Shitake and Button Mushrooms, any cheese, Potatoes, Bone Broth, All seafood...
  12. NewACC

    Study says: Cyproheptadine is Serotonin Antagonist, Doesn't Block Dopamine and Noradrenaline Abstract "...Cyproheptadine and LSD, two known antagonists of the peripheral effects of 5-HT, were administered i.v. to conscious rabbits at different times before the intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of 5-HT, NAD or dopamine...
  13. NewACC

    Sublingual usage of bromocriptine

    Hello, dear forum users. I went through every anecdote and every article about bromocriptine and did not find ANY mention, even the possibility, of taking bromocriptine sublingually. What are your thoughts on this? Will sublingual bromocriptine be more effective than oral bromocriptine weeks...
  14. A

    Microdosing to reverse tolerance

    I found this very interesting thread that claim microdosing stimulants like amphetamine can long-term sensitize dopamine receptors View: ”In rats, dopaminergic supersensitivity from low-dosage...
  15. A

    Supplements/drugs for anxiety, ADD, OCD and rumination/overthinking

    I struggle with anxiety, ADD, OCD and rumination/overthinking. My cortisol, ACTH and prolactin is elevated (prolactin low after D2-agonist treatment). I think my main problems are low dopamine and low GABA. Which drugs and supplements do you recommend?
  16. brightside

    Akathisia III - (my) Practical Application

    ********NOTE******** FOR THE SAKE OF READABILITY, DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHED PDF. ********************* This is post 3 of 3. Post 1 is Akathisia I - My Story, and Post 2 is Akathisia II - Deep Dive Akathisia III - (my) Practical Application This post only focuses on my personal experiences...
  17. brightside

    Akathisia II – Deep Dive

  18. haidut

    Finasteride causes gut inflammation, high serotonin, low dopamine; allopregnanolone may treat

    A great new study, which goes a long way towards explaining the dreaded post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Currently, medicine does not recognize PFS as a formal disease and in fact attempts to gaslight the patients with PFS into believing they are simply mentally ill and in need of SSRI drugs...
  19. haidut

    Blocking serotonin, promoting dopamine may reverse cardiovascular disease (CVD)

    The claim in the title stems from the fact that bromocriptine - the drug used in the study below - is an approximate 5-HT antagonist while also being full agonist on several dopamine receptors. IMO, the study is a monumental success since CVD is largely considered a progressive condition, for...
  20. Sapien

    “Dopamine fasting/detox” from a bioenergetic pov

    Currently there is a VERY popular (thousands of videos, some have 20+ millions views) trend in the self improvement space (Promoted by Huberman, Anna Lembke, and YouTubers (Hamza, SelfImprovementPill, Alex Becker, BetterThanYesterday, AfterSkool etc etc etc)) called “dopamine fasting”- I.e...