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Sedation To Manage 'lockdown Distress' May Have Led To Dementia Deaths


Feb 18, 2016
One of the dirty secrets of the medical establishment is the treatment of the elderly, it’s either morphine poisoning, polypharmacy or excessive use of sedatives and potent anti psychotics.

This is excessive sedation has caused excess deaths in dementia patients in Scottish care homes.

Sedating dementia patients to ease lockdown distress may have caused death surge

"A RISE in the use of sedation to manage ‘lockdown distress’ amongst the elderly may have contributed to a stark increase in dementia death rates, a charity has warned"


Nov 23, 2013
Kill the weakest first. Sickening.


Jun 22, 2021
The way dementia patients were thrown under the bus in lockdown is truly evil. My Grandfather has dementia and lockdown massively accelerated his decline. Dementia patients needs stimulation, they need to see their family members, and they need to visit places that they are familiar with.
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