1. Peatful

    Observation and conclusion : Lost weight lately…. And…i feel…..

    Absolutely miserable This weight loss was unintentional It’s a result of better digestion and or less irritating foods So even with better digestion And less inflammation I feel..not good Irritable Fatigued Unmotivated Anxious a wee bit too Something said to be fat and happy Hx: was...
  2. DenizkaRedizka

    19 year old male: insomnia, water retention, depression and suicidal thoughts (blood work, labs included)

    I used google translate, there may be errors in the text. The blood serum analysis is attached below (magnesium is high because I forgot not to take magnesium supplements before testing). Introduction I have been following the forum for about 1 year, but have not found a solution for myself. 19...
  3. haidut

    Almost half of obese adults are (metabolically) healthy

    A seemingly contradictory title, but only to people who are not aware of the so-called "obesity paradox". As I have mentioned in the past, usage of the word "paradox" usually implies a very inconvenient truth that threatens the profits of one or more branches of mainstream medicine. In this case...
  4. E

    Can Someone Please Explain Me How 0.001G Weighing Scales Work?

    I got Kern TGD 50-3C I just don't understand sh*t I also calibrate it.
  5. haidut

    Increased Fat Oxidation (FAO) Does Not Lead To Weight / Fat Loss

    The study below directly contradicts a mantra commonly repeated in nutrition circles - restrict glucose and increase fat oxidation in order to lose body fat. In fact, this idea is so ingrained into the minds of most people that I often get hate mail from people all over the world angrily...
  6. haidut

    Fructose Is The Only Sugar Associated With Body Weight And Bone Health (in Infants)

    Another study suggesting fructose is probably not the villain we are led to believe it is, at least in infants. Fructose in Breast Milk Is Positively Associated with Infant Body Composition at 6 Months of Age "...Dietary sugars have been shown to promote excess adiposity among children and...
  7. N

    Honey Vs Sucrose Vs No Sugar In Rats

    The long-term effects of feeding honey compared with sucrose and a sugar-free diet on weight gain, lipid profiles, and DEXA measurements in rats. - PubMed - NCBI
  8. haidut

    Drinking Coke Freely Quadruples Calorie Intake WITHOUT Weight Gain

    The study was designed to actually show that ad libitum consumption of fructose-rich drink like Coke has undesirable changes on some lipid parameters. It did manage to show that rats drinking Coke freely as part of their diet had higher levels of TG. However the cholesterol of the Coke-drinking...
  9. Giraffe

    Impact Of A High-sucrose Diet Vs A High-starch And A High-fat Diet

    Replacement of dietary fat by sucrose or starch: effects on 14 d ad libitum energy intake, energy expenditure and body weight in formerly obese and never-obese subjects. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the impact of a high-sucrose diet vs a high-starch and a high-fat diet on 14 d ad libitum energy...
  10. DaveFoster

    Long-Term Weight Loss Stories

    People tend to gain weight on the Peat diet at first, but has anybody eaten a Peat diet, high in sugar, lower in fat, and lost weight later on over time as metabolism improves? Any links to similar topics are appreciated.
  11. haidut

    Salt Prevents Weight Gain On High Fat Diet

    In yet another confirmation of Ray's ideas, this study shows that mice on a high fat diet did not gain weight when supplemented with the extra amount of 4% salt in their diet. The 4% extra dietary salt is equivalent to about 30g of extra salt for a human per day. Peat said in one of his...
  12. natedawggh

    Uridine Monophosphate For Fatty Liver/weight Problems/depression/anxiety/insomnia

    From a Ray Peat view of the organism (humans), it is generally viewed that all degenerative conditions are interrelated in one way or another. As is in my experience, mental and physical problems go hand in hand and rarely ever present singularly. The major themes of my struggles have been...
  13. haidut

    After Paleo diet people pile on weight more easily

    This is a common problem in Peat world - many people come to Peat (or simply resume normal eating habits) after years on a Paleo (or anothew low carb diet). The result is often weight gain, and this study shed some light on the mechanisms. http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/c ... 6/abstract
  14. haidut

    Stress gives you 11 extra pounds of body weight (fat) a year

    I think we all know that stress makes you fat, but this is more specific and measured how much stress affects your weight. The study used a high-fat diet, which probably aggravated the wight gain even more, but the overall diet was not hypercaloric. The 11lbs of fat per year is nothing to laugh...
  15. L

    Your Weight , Grams Of Total Carbs And Total Daily Cals

    Hello my fellow Peaters. :mrgreen: as the title of this thread states ,,whats your current weight, total daily cals and grams of carbs.?? I post this because I was wondering how lean im getting..I guess my thyroids are working great because I use no meds ...I might wanna add that my only...
  16. J

    Can I Really Be Hypo And Be Soo Underweight?

    Everything I read to do with being hypo is related to being overweight, I cant for the life of me put weight on!! Can I really be hypo and I am close to start thyroid meds after a 2 year decision will be posting my pulse and temps on here to see what people think as i'm not sure what is normal.
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