vitamin k2

  1. RenaissanceMan

    Vitamin K alleviates the reduction in testosterone production induced by Endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) administration in rat testis PMID: 21894328 DOI: 10.1039/c1fo10058k Abstract Vitamin K is essential for the posttranslational modifications of blood coagulation factors and proteins present in the bone matrix. Vitamin K is distributed not only in the liver and bones but is also...
  2. I

    Teeth have turned disustingly yellow

    when on a carnivore diet my teeth were strong as steel, they never hurt and i felt like i could chew through rock. my teeth were bright white and beautiful. after i started peating they slowly became more and more yellow. an ok trade-off since everything else improved. i started eating a lot of...
  3. RenaissanceMan

    BEST D3/K2 SUPPLEMENT? Which one gave you the greatest Androgenic and Stress-Lowering effects?

    I was wondering if someone on here could recommend the best D3/K2 supplement they've tried! I've taken a few of them and they didn't seem to have noticeable effects on me. Which one has given you the best T-boosting and energy-increasing effects? Also does K2 MK7 have a positive or negative...
  4. Charger

    Blunted Emotions from Vitamin K2?

    Has anyone else experienced a blunted mood when dosing K2 (MK4) higher than 5mg? I pretty much become emotionless and careless, have less empathy. It took me awhile to figure it out as I tend to take several supplements. I do notice a reduction in anxiety from K2, but too much throws me to the...
  5. Hans

    Outstanding stack for higher libido (and bigger balls)

    I started a new experiment for boosting testosterone using a few things which include the scrotal application of vitamin K2 (thanks to Haidut for starting a thread about it long ago). I didn't expect much but actually got a very interesting boost in libido...a different kind that I haven't...
  6. lvysaur

    Many K2 Supplements Useless, Only Trans-isomer Biologically Active

    True K2 the best Mk4 & Mk7 on the market today Cis and trans isomers of the vitamin menaquinone-7: which one is biologically significant? This would explain any brands of K2 that gave people no effects. I've had success with both Thorne and LifeExtension. Nested Naturals, a pure MK7...
  7. S

    Cypro Works Like Vitamin K2 For A Better Jawline?

    Hi, everyone. I read on the forum about cypro having a vitamin K2-like effect on calcification, and I saw reports of people who took vitamin k2 who got, through the anti-calcification effect, a larger jaw. My question is, does cypro have the same effect? Could someone who used it report?
  8. haidut

    Vitamin D/K Combo Increases Penis Size As Much As Surgery

    A very interesting study, not only because of its obvious social implications but also because it confirms the anabolic effects of the vitamin D/K combination, as well as the likely androgenic effects of vitamin D. I could not help but pronounce the D/K combo in my head as "dee-k" :): Another...
  9. haidut

    Vitamin K May Treat Leukemia

    Another great study demonstrating both the therapeutic potential of vitamins as well as the metabolic/redox nature of cancer. As I mentioned in some of my podcasts, vitamin K2 (MK-4) is currently in clinical trials for treating/preventing a number of different cancers, especially liver cancer...
  10. L

    Vitamin K2: A Vitamin That Works Like A Hormone, Impinging On Gene Expression

    Abstract Vitamin K2 binds to the intranuclear receptor SXR and results in the activation of a plethora of genes, both directly and indirectly. Among these genes are important biological markers of cellular characteristics or features (also known as cell phenotypes), as well as a set of molecules...
  11. haidut

    Vitamin K Important For Eye Health Too

    In addition to its role in bone, brain, and endocrine health now we can add eyes to the list of tissues/organs that may benefit from vitamin K as well. Unfortunately, most studies are still trying to study vitamin K from the point of view of osteocalcin and carboxylation, which only explains a...
  12. A

    Vitamin K Reduces Belly Fat In Some Groups

    This research comes from a commercial spin-off of Maastricht University in the Nederlands. Authors in this group seem interested in vascular calcification. Here, the interest was in osteoblast-specific protein osteocalcin (OC)and metabolsim.. They chose to use a not-huge dose on MK-7 rather than...
  13. A

    What's New About K2, By C.Masterjohn

    New podcast about k2 from Chris Masterjohn. I really enjoy podcasts from this guy.
  14. Momado965

    K2 Mk4 Or Mk7?

    So which of the two forms hel with vitamin d3 and calcium deposting? The video below specifically claims the artery protective benefits are from mk7
  15. Momado965

    Vitamin K2 Recomendations

    Hello there. Do you guys think this brand of k2 is legit? Vitamin K2 Menatetrenone Mk-4 15mg 90 Capsules Been using 15-45mg a day for the past 2 months. I read somewhere on this forum that vitamin E interacts or depletes k2 so how do i work this out? Thank You
  16. haidut

    Raising Serum Androgens Using DHEA, Pregnenolone, And Vitamin K

    User testimony (4/26/2021): My Experiences With Raising Androgens Log (Pansterone, k2, magnoil) Many people use supplements like DHEA, pregnenolone, and progesterone with the goal of raising their androgens and lowering estrogen. While this approach works for raising tissue levels of steroids...
  17. D

    Vitamin K2 & Progesterone For Cancer

    Good day all, I would like to hear from anyone who's had first hand knowledge of the subject matter. I'v seen on the internet that a lot of chatter about how K2- Mk4 and Hormone intake primarily progesterone shows promise. Appreciate some feedback. Thank you Dobster
  18. M

    K2 And Endotoxin

    Does anyone know (or is able to venture an educated guess) on whether or not you need to swallow the vitamin K2 in order for it to have an effect on endotoxin? I've been rubbing the K2 into my gums but am now thinking I might be better off putting the drops in a liquid and drinking it in order...
  19. EndAllDisease

    Super Cheap High-Potency Vitamin K2

    I did some shopping today at the healthfood store because I'm almost out of my Thorne Research Vitamin K2. I don't feel like paying $100+ for another 1oz bottle, and all the supps in the store have only 100mcg (1/10th of a mg) and charge like 30 bucks! I've realized today how companies are...
  20. haidut

    Vitamin K And D Reverse Muscle Aging, May Act Like Sports Doping Agents

    Vitamin D and K have a primary role in bone metabolism, together with calcium and the androgenic hormones. Ray has written about the importance of these vitamins not only for bone health but also for insulin sensitivity and accelerating deactivation of estrogen. Many of these beneficial effects...