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  1. JamesGatz

    Taking Nicotine or Tobacco daily - mitigating damage to the best extent possible?

    I am looking to take Nicotine or Tobacco daily for stress - I'm not a regular user at the moment but nothing compares in terms of reduction of stress - from what I understand: FFA increase Driving down of Insulin High acetylcholine activity It is also said here that if the blood becomes too...
  2. Diokine

    Cigarette Smoking And The Kidneys

    My own observations have found that chronic cigarette smoking alters the function of the kidneys, at the local and nervous level. This disruption in the quantitative and qualitative efficiency in the kidneys sets the entire body up for a state of deranged metabolism. The kidneys are critical for...
  3. Diokine

    Role Of Nervous System In Rheumatoid Arthritis – Acetylcholine And TNF-alpha

    The inflammatory condition, called rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatism, is marked by degeneration and pain in the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. The disease shares many traits with other inflammatory “autoimmune” conditions like multiple sclerosis and lupus, but is especially associated...
  4. haidut

    Acetylcholine Has Negative Effects On Gonadal Steroidogenesis

    Choline and acetylcholine are another topic that often pops up online. Cholinergic drugs are still the main "treatment" for Alzheimer, even though all of them are abject failure clinically. Ray has written about the excititoxic properties of acetylcholine, and how estrogen manifests its effects...
  5. Drareg

    Nicotine Reduces Erectile Response In Nonsmoking Males

    "Nicotine significantly reduced erectile responses to the erotic films (P = 0.02), corresponding to a 23% reduction in physiological sexual arousal. This occurred in 16 of 20 men with valid physiological recordings. Nicotine had no significant effect on continuous subjective ratings of sexual...
  6. Drareg

    Nicotine Caused Females To Behave Like Males

    Conterversial study. It appears nicotine self administration modifies the female type approach strategy to solving problems. It's interesting to note how a substance can modify/adapt behaviour like this under stress, a better adaptive substance may be available, the female type strategy may...
  7. Drareg

    Nicotine Withdrawals, Norepinephrine Increased

    Good study showing how adults get an increased spike in on administration in cardiac norepinephrine and another cardiac norepinephrine spike on withdrawal . It mentions smoking but like many studies on smoking they only use nicotine administration. Equally important, the long-term changes...
  8. Dopamine

    Nicotine [Through A Peat Prism?]

    Nicotine is the main active compound in tobacco and thus the main active compound in tobacco cigars and cigarettes. Many studies have painted a picture of the negative health effects brought on by smoking. It is important however to differentiate between smoking tobacco and consumption of...