1. UseYourDelusion

    Looking for help, lacking motivation, Carnivore

    So, I am so used to the carnivore diet and adrenaline that's how I get everything I need to done. Some of us need a kick in the pants. But I am worried about the long term effects of stress and this way of thinking. I also think it is hurting my memory, I get up without an alarm clock at 6:30...
  2. S

    Lack Of Motitvation Energy

    I been following a peat based diet / supplement / hormone plan for awhile and once in awhile i feel good but usually i feel tired and very unmotitvated I take thyroid, preg., DHEA, vit E, zinc, HCG breakfast: Coffee, orange juice, coconut oil, liver, gelatin, coconut sugar lunch: salt, orange...
  3. W

    Motivation. Diet Or Psychological?

    I had a thought this morning... We always talk about how our diet directly affects our motivation. We always say "My diet has been great the past week... i've felt very motivated" or "I ate something "bad"... and i've been very unmotivated." Is motivation the product of a healthy diet/body...
  4. R

    Enhancing Motivation And Overcoming "Learned Helplessness"

    When you are sick, stressed, and hypothyroid, it can be difficult to muster the motivation for routine tasks, much less for long term projects like pursuing a degree, developing a new skill, assuming new responsibilities at work or at home, improving relations with loved ones, or repairing your...