Motivation. Diet Or Psychological?


Jul 8, 2013
I had a thought this morning...

We always talk about how our diet directly affects our motivation. We always say "My diet has been great the past week... i've felt very motivated" or "I ate something "bad"... and i've been very unmotivated."

Is motivation the product of a healthy diet/body?


Is motivation something that is completely psychological? and if it is... how does it affect the body? can it be used to our benefit?

I received news this morning that an old friend is having great success and is doing very well. After thinking about the situation and being happy for my friend, I felt more energized to do the things i needed to do and to do them well. My body temperature increased and I felt great doing my morning routine. It continued through my morning and ultimately improved my perspectives towards most things. Does anyone have a physiological explanation for this? This surely cannot be adrenaline...


It's definitely not completely psychological, as some men who took pregnenolone while being hypothyroid might tell you.


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Jul 8, 2013
j. said:
It's definitely not completely psychological, as some men who took pregnenolone while being hypothyroid might tell you.

Very true. Now thinking about it... that seems quite obvious. I guess i'm interested in the physiology behind psychological motivation or inspiration.


Jul 3, 2013
London/Shropshire, England
Honestly I think it's both. A lack of motivation can be traced back to the start of your life. Perhaps even before you were born, as your parents will have passed stuff down. The ancient Toltect Shamans actually believed that much of our energy and disposition was dependant on the way we were conceived. Vigorous and passionate :D Or a boring screw between two people who were not really 'there' :( This makes sense from an energy perspective, unless you really believe everything is cut, dry and formulated.

Either way, there's little use in being beholden to that. Will power, or intent, can overcome alot. Food is a tool for humans. The bad s**t can slow us down because it literally is poisoning us. the good stuff helps us think more clearly. Obviously other factors influence this aswell but food helps everything along. For instance, I always felt like hibernating after a Salmon, brown rice and olive oil meal. It was TASTLESS. It weakened me, and i am being literal there. I drink Milk, or OJ, fruit, even cheese, coffee, seafood, anything that tastes good and I'm ready to rock n' roll :rockout
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