1. J

    Supraphysiological Testosterone & DHT levels

    Hi all, What are the risks of keeping free T & DHT at supraphysiological levels (I’ve attached my bloodwork) for prolonged periods of time via the use of transdermal DHT & T gels? I’m been using transdermal 20% DHT solution & 20% T solution from Alphagels Compounding for the past year and have...
  2. BlackMolasses

    I attract animosity from other men

    I'm not afraid of confrontation, I have a good build and I haven't hesitated to have violent physical confrontations with strangers on several occasions. But I would like to be able to maintain normal relations with other men without it turning into animosity or even conflict. I am not a person...
  3. MetabolicTrash

    Thoughts on THIS BOOK? "The Manipulated Man" - Female author bashes women/supports (redpilled?) men AKA battle of the sexes!

    I had never heard of this book ... Apparently it's a female author (surprising?) who elaborates on how women only are capable of making men in to their slaves AKA women rule over men. Also relevant to some previous threads here since this is about the "battle between the sexes" AKA the...
  4. MetabolicTrash

    Muscle & Growth Overall = (mostly) Unsaturated; Estrogenic? Is this why some people have bigger muscles or bigger bones; others smaller/less mass?

    Obviously it's more complicated than that to a degree, but I got to reading this old thread by @haidut on saturatedness or unsaturedness: Here is the study he referenced: Oestrogenic...
  5. Cameron

    Interesting study on testosterone gel topically for increasing terminal facial hair growth in young men. Topical androgens

    Topical androgens like androsterone and dht would likely have similar localized maturation effect of terminal hairs. Hacking beard growth. Male bio hacking. —————————- Objectives: To determine whether the medical prescription of testosterone gel can...
  6. JamesGatz

    Is Progesterone the reason that women gravitate more towards mentally-stimulating/abstract subjects moreso than men ?

    I notice when my progesterone is high I become a lot better with art - my art that I do when I am high Progesterone/somewhat high DHT vs just high DHT is light-years different - there is a lot more attention to detail and it feels like my mind is generally more abstract - I notice that Dr. Peat...
  7. JamesGatz

    Were males destined to die young ? Examining life expectancies in humans and mammals - males vs females

    I think by now most of us have heard about the idea that women live longer than men - "Among humans, women's life span is almost 8% on average longer than men's life span." "In every human population, women live longer than men, so much so...
  8. Geronimo

    I Want Cow Balls

    So, I ordered some bovine orchic glandular pills from I'll keep my results posted. If anybody has had these before, please share your experiences or advice. Thanks.
  9. haidut

    Almost 40% Of Military Women (and Even More Military Males) Are Infertile

    I think this study should dispel some of the myths about what being "fit" really means, and that being truly healthy or "fit" often are quite divergent paths. Infertility is actually one of the most reliable indicators of poor systemic health and predictor of future chronic disease (in both...
  10. haidut

    Estrogen Is A Major Cause Of Migraines

    After more than 80 years of claiming estrogen protected women from migraines and mood disorders (and prescribing HRT as prevention/treatment) modern medicine seems to be finally recognizing the causative role of estrogen in migraines. Peat has been saying this for years, and it should have been...
  11. haidut

    More Than One Third Of Men And Almost Half Of Women Are Energy Deficient

    I wanted to note from the start that this is NOT about calories, this is about ENERGY deficiency as a result of bad metabolism. So, while not the same as hypothyroidism, this study shows just how sick the general population is (if we assume that energetic deficiency is behind all diseases). Now...
  12. haidut

    Low DHEA-S Predicts Fractures In Older Men

    There is a big push to start treating older men with estrogen, just as women are, because estrogen is "good for the bone". No evidence exists to support this approach and in fact multiple studies in women have shown that low DHEA, and not estrogen, is what is associated with weak bones. In...
  13. haidut

    DHT Lowers Risk Of Diabetes In Older Males

    Most endocrinologists view DHT as an almost exclusively bad hormone. Aside from the its much publicized (and likely incorrect) role in prostate cancer and MPB, endocrinologists consider DHT as a causative agent in insulin resistance and even diabetes type II. Most of that misguided opinion...
  14. haidut

    DHT Is The Primary Driver Of Male Sexual Activity And Is Crucial For Male Orgasm

    Yet another study pointing out that DHT is quite the good guy, for both men and women alike. Contribution of dihydrotestosterone to male sexual behaviour. - PubMed - NCBI "...RESULTS: Serum dihydrotestosterone concentration was the only independent hormonal predictor of the frequency of...
  15. haidut

    Infertility In Men Linked To High Estrogen

    Not really surprising but some "studied" have tried to paint a link between increased androgens and infertility, so I thought this would be good post here as a counter-perspective. Increased oestradiol level in seminal plasma in infertile men. - PubMed - NCBI "...Seminal hormonal patterns in...
  16. haidut

    Caffeine Can Cure Baldness In Both Men And Women

    This is actually a follow up study and unfortunately was once again done in vitro and not in vivo. Nonetheless, the authors seem pretty confident that the approach works and in the actual experiment discovered that caffeine in concentrations of 0.005% - 0.0005% is several times more effective...
  17. haidut

    Lower Androgens And/or Increase In Pituitary Hormones Linked To Increased Mortality In Men

    So much for T and DHT being bad for older men. More specifically, lower androgen levels and higher pituitary hormone levels were linked to higher cancer and CVD mortality. Temporal changes in sex hormones linked to increased mortality in older men "...Increased risk for all-cause mortality was...