glycogen synthesis

  1. Elchapchapchapo

    Haidut On Improving Glycogen Stores

    One person I always look for giving advice is Haidut, and I'm sure I'm joined by many others. Not trying to say people are giving bad advice, etc. With lack of time its easy to go to a source I can trust fairly easily, and for me its this guy. So in the coming times I want to create posts which...
  2. P

    [Influence Of Manganese On The Level Of Glycogen And Its Fractions In Organism Tissues]

    [Influence of manganese on the level of glycogen and its fractions in organism tissues]. - Abstract - Europe PMC Abstract Changes in the level of total glycogen and its fractions in the organism tissues were studied under conditions of injecting different doses of manganese into intact rabbits...
  3. Giraffe

    Post-Exercise Muscle Glycogen Synthesis

    Postexercise muscle glycogen synthesis with combined glucose and fructose ingestion. "Glucose and glucose/fructose (2:1 ratio) solutions, ingested at a rate of 90 g x h(-1), are equally effective at restoring muscle glycogen in exercised muscles during the recovery from exhaustive exercise."...
  4. P

    High Rates Of Muscle Glycogen Resynthesis After Exhaustive Exercise When Carbohydrate Is Coingested We determined the effect of coingestion of caffeine (Caff) with carbohydrate (CHO) on rates of muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery from exhaustive exercise in seven trained subjects who completed two experimental trials in a randomized...
  5. haidut

    Biotin Promotes Glycogen Synthesis

    I posted some studies on biotin, including its effects on blood lipids and insulin sensitivity. There have also been discussions on the forum about supplements or drugs that promote glycogen synthesis, since glycogen synthesis and levels are both low in hypothyroid people. In addition to the...
  6. haidut

    Moderate Doses Of Aspirin Reverse Insulin Resistance

    The study was in rats but it has been replicated in humans as well, even though the replication study in humans used much higher doses of aspirin (human dose 90mg/kg). This study used smaller doses of aspirin equivalent to 650mg taken every 6 hours. If this works, it could be a much safer dosing...
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