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    What do you take, and how much?
  2. youngsinatra

    Folate deficiency causes DNA breaks like ionizing radiation

    "DNA double-strand breaks, the most serious DNA lesion caused by ionizing radiation, are also caused by several vitamin or mineral deficiencies, such as for folate. Primary human lymphocytes were either irradiated or cultured at different levels of folate deficiency to assess cell proliferation...
  3. haidut

    Deficiency of activated folate may be the cause of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

    Yet another common, mysterious, and "incurable" conditions may turn out to be surprisingly simple in reality. The study below found that the majority of people with this condition have low levels of the active (methylated) folate and elevated levels of unmetabolized folate. As such, a clinical...
  4. RealNeat

    Is there a way to reverse spina bifida after birth?

    The most common explanation for spina bifida seems to be folate deficiency in the early parts of pregnancy. It seems that since it's not a truly genetic malformation that it should be reversible. The late Travis had writings in spina bifida and neural tube defects but I'm not seeing many...
  5. cureme

    Folate constipation

    hi guys! i need a little help about folate. I am suplementing b12 (5.000 mcg) with folate (400 mcg) because i'm with a severe carence. ( i was vegan about 5 years). at last i'm feeling good with myself. the sintoms gone (including a depression an erectil disfunction). BUT i'm very...
  6. charlie

    Folate-deficiency neuropathy and indirect thiamine deficiency

    Koike et al. reported a slowly progressive, prevalent sensory polyneuropathy in patients with folate deficiency, which shows some distinctive clinical features with respect to thiamine-deficiency neuropathy. [1,2] However, as the authors mention, the clinical manifestations of folate deficiency...
  7. Recoen

    Elliot Overton On TTFD And Methylation

    Get extreme anxiety or depression from TTFD supplementation? You should read on: Did you know that TTFD uses up SAM-e, and therefore can be taxing on methylation? I recently had a male client who explained that TTFD therapy initially produced great increases in mental clarity, energy, and...
  8. Tristan Loscha

    Metabolomics Study Reveals Differences Between Diabetic And Non‐diabetic Patients With Cataract

    An exploratory LC‐MS‐based metabolomics study reveals differences in aqueous humor composition between diabetic and non‐diabetic patients with cataract - PubAg An exploratory LC‐MS‐based metabolomics study reveals differences in aqueous humor composition between diabetic and non‐diabetic...
  9. P

    Skeletal Muscle Phosphatidylcholine And Phosphatidylethanolamine Are Related To Insulin Sensitivity

    And the difference is big! 100% and 50% for each ,compared to subjects with higher insulin sensitivity. Egg yolks/milk and liver are rich source of these phospholipids. But yolks are the richest. Skeletal muscle phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine are related to insulin...
  10. S

    Does Folate Increase Histamine?

    Does Folate increase histamine?
  11. haidut

    SSRI (Prozac) Drugs Cause Irreversible Bone Loss

    Ray has written about the detrimental effects of serotonin on bone health and how serotonin antagonist could be a potential treatment for osteoporosis. This study confirms Ray's points and shows that drug Prozac (and possible other SSRIs) causes irreversible bone loss. Selective Serotonin...
  12. Parsifal

    How To Get Enough Manganese And Folates?

    Hey guys, My diet is quite good according to Cronometer but I'm always efficient in these nutrients, despite eating a lot of fruits regarding the folates. I wondered if you knew a good and clean way to get enough of these nutrients? Because I don't see how for now.
  13. P

    Aspirin And Folate Binding: In Vivo And In Vitro Studies Of Serum Binding And Urinary Excretion Of E To clarify the effect of aspirin on folate balance, we studied serum concentration, protein binding, and urinary excretion of endogenous folate. A healthy woman twice followed an 11-day protocol of constant diet, blood sampling twice daily, collection...
  14. M

    Folate And Other B's

    I am checking up on cronometer daily to make sure I'm getting all my nutrients, since I'm breastfeeding and I want to improve health overall. I notice with Peat, I've back very lacking in iron and folate EVERY DAY. I'm missing something in this diet, or I'm not eating specific foods that you...
  15. C

    Choline, Folate Vs Folic Acid

    From the Perfect Health Diet, chapter 35: Choline and Folic Acid - Both choline and folic acid are important for brain and neurological function, lipid metabolism, DNA health. - Choline is deficient in most people, and folic acid (which doesn't occur in nature) has reached extremely high...
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