1. O

    New weight loss drug

    https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/new-drug-may-help-lose-weight-reduce-fat-by-mimicking-exercise in the article it talks about the drug being an Estrogen receptor agonist Previously @haidut has mentioned DHT being an estrogen receptor agonist any other more common alternatives?
  2. F

    Topical pine pollen

    It's well known that pine pollen is a fantastic source of phyto androgens, and those are better absorbed sublingually than orally, so tinctures are preferred over powder. I tried the tincture, and it definitely worked, way more erections and stronger morning wood, but having high concentrations...
  3. haidut

    Raising DHT levels even only in the brain reverses systemic atherosclerosis

    As my readers know, I have been a fan of the strong, non-aromatizable androgen DHT for a long time. One of the first signs for me that DHT is beneficial was the uniform and relentless propaganda against that steroid by mainstream medical publications, despite the obvious (and increasing)...
  4. G

    Is my DHT fake?

    I recieved some raw DHT powder from a popular chinese vendor. I mixed the powder with some 99% DMSO. Only, afterwards I realised I had dissolved 1375mg of the powder into 10ml of DMSO. Sources online say solubility of DHT in DMSO is around 50mg/ml, and i've achieved 137.5mg/ml which dissolved in...
  5. Charger

    Why does nothing beat SERMs for me? (Toremifene specifically)

    I've been going down the bioenergetic/hormone optimization rabbit hole since experiencing PFS symptoms back in late 2019. I've experimented with a lot of things along the way, if you'd look into my drawers, you'd think I'm insane with the amount of supplements I own all with the goal of reaching...
  6. J

    Supraphysiological Testosterone & DHT levels

    Hi all, What are the risks of keeping free T & DHT at supraphysiological levels (I’ve attached my bloodwork) for prolonged periods of time via the use of transdermal DHT & T gels? I’m been using transdermal 20% DHT solution & 20% T solution from Alphagels Compounding for the past year and have...
  7. Lokzo

    High T & DHT Improves Lung Function

    Higher serum testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, but not oestradiol, are independently associated with favourable indices of lung function in community-dwelling men Shalini S Mohan 1 2, Matthew W Knuiman 3, Mark L Divitini 3, Alan L James 1 4, Arthur W Musk 1 3 5, David J Handelsman 6...
  8. Insaneacinamide

    Top Bodybuilding Coach Chad Nicholls Recommends Using Finasteride When Starting Bodybuilding/Hormones To Slow Hair Loss From DHT

    For those who do not know who Chad Nicholls is. He is one of the top bodybuilding coaches ever. Been coaching people on hormones, nutrition, supplements, weight lifting for over 3 decades. Has coached people like Ronnie Coleman, Big Ramy, Flex Wheeler, Paul Dillett, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls...
  9. blackface

    How to increase estrogen in a safe way? DHEA, boron?

    This might be a strange question on here but I would like to hear your opinions on raising E2 levels in a safe way. I have a joint paint, low libido and not much of energy. All of these problems were probably caused by using Vitaming E, aspirin, AI and then my testing of several transdermal...
  10. MetabolicTrash

    Guy on forum claims he can only have sex when on heavy drugs & impulsive -- thoughts? Being honest, hardworking, even good looking guy doesn't cut it?

    I noticed this post and thought I'd share it here to have feedback. Why would a guy ONLY be able to have sex if he's taking three steroid compounds at super-physiological doses? We're not saying roids help his confidence, his sense of self, they literally -- according to him -- EXACERBATE more...
  11. JamesGatz

    WHO would win in a fight: a HIGH DHT Male or a HIGH T Male?

    I'm trying to figure out in a combat situation, WHICH is SUPERIOR? High DHT or High T? I've put up a compilation of UFC and boxing matches that are matched up against a High T and High DHT male? High DHT males: slower-moving but more powerful, carry more water weight and size, resilient and...

    Questions for Username @olive- What Happened to Him?

    I have a lot of questions and ideas I'd like to bounce off of @olive but I haven't seen him post in quite some time. Would anyone happen to know how I might get in touch with him? He seemed to have a very interesting point of view that I think went mostly unnoticed here. Anyways, any help would...
  13. haidut

    Declining DHT in aging linked to cardiovascular disease (CVD)

    Yet another study demonstrating that the "villain of all males around the world" - the dastardly androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - actually is, in all likelihood, beneficial for males, at least when it comes to their cardiovascular health. However, since CVD is one of the risk factors for...
  14. C

    Aging Of A 53 YO Male After 25yrs of Dutasteride 35yrs Oral Steroids + No Testosterone Or DHT

    On top of suppressing his natural testosterone production to nothing until age 51 by taking oral steroids, he suppressed his dht to about zero by taking a full dose of dutasteride. He added 125mg of testosterone at age 51 and used to take aromatase inhibitors when he was taking growth hormone...
  15. haidut

    Chronic stress causes depression by depleting allopregnanolone

    This is perhaps one of the very few articles that directly makes the claim that stress can, by itself, cause mental illness. All official information "sources" on mental disease etiology claim that stress by itself is neither a necessary nor a sufficient cause. If stress has any role, the...
  16. Hans

    The truth of vitamin B6 on DHT for hair growth

  17. Xemnoraq

    Petition For Idealabs Hair Loss Product

    Ok guys, im gonna keep it nice and short, i doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows, If anyone can crack the code to hair loss i feel like it's Georgi, All other hairloss treatment methods basically only half work with severe side effects that end up basically castrating you, So i...
  18. skuabird

    Need help- DHT source

    My husband's health has been deteriorating. To make a long story short, he was treated for testicular cancer almost five years ago. I have seen a decline in his libido, energy and motivation for a time since then. This last year being the worse- I thought for sure he'd be eligible for HRT but he...
  19. Hans

    Testosterone and Prostate Cancer: We've been LIED To!

  20. Hans

    How hypothyroidism affects testosterone, LH, DHT, etc. - hypothyroid steroid panel

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