1. Mauritio

    Coffee/Caffeine might help alzheimers

    "Espresso coffee is among the most consumed beverages in the world. Recent studies report a protective activity of the coffee beverage against neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer′s disease. Alzheimer′s disease belongs to a group of disorders, called tauopathies, which are characterized...
  2. M

    Does coffee inhibit manganese absorption if I put maple syrup in dark roast coffee?

    Does coffee inhibit manganese absorption if I put maple syrup in dark roast coffee?
  3. Hans

    9 Powerful ways coffee can boost libido and sex
  4. Limon9

    Coffee Diterpenes Have A Metformin-Like Anti-Diabetic Action

    My previous post highlighted the pathological mTOR-mediated aerobic glycolysis caused by endotoxin, so I thought it should be balanced with an example of glycolysis-boosting when oxidative phosphorylation is unimpaired. The experiment looked both in vitro and in vivo at the effects of kahweol, a...
  5. F

    Which supplements should not be taken with coffee?

    It’s so much easier to take my supplements in the morning before the busy day begins. I never know if coffee or combining supplements renders them useless or harmful. Has anyone figured this out?
  6. Sitaruîm

    Coffee and Cholinesterase (AChE)

    In Ray's article about learned helplessness, arguably his most important article, one of the main points seems to be that low cholinesterase leads to overexcitation of the nerves and to cell death. He cites articles that show that rats living in idyllic environments have high levels of...
  7. Apple

    Dilated pupils from coffee

    I noticed my pupils are always dilated and it's been related to coffee. I stayed away from coffee for several days (replaced with tea ) and pupils normalized in size. Should I be worried about dilated pupils from coffee ? If caffeine improves accommodation, alertness, and concentration,19...
  8. Vileplume

    Anyone overcome "coffee bloat"?

    Lately I've been getting bloated from coffee, even with multiple brands and brewing styles: cold brew, chemex, french press. I've read about several other forum members also reporting this same thing. Has anyone overcome coffee bloat, or resolved digestive issues from coffee? Any ideas how to...
  9. NewACC

    Role of Cholinergic and Dopamine Receptors in the Physiology of Caffeine Tolerance

    Dear Forum Members, I found three interesting studies on reversing (or reducing) caffeine tolerance, by adding to chronic (or sub-chronic) caffeine treatment, either the dopamine agonists bromocriptine (a predominantly d2/d3 family agonist) or pergolide (a very potent d1 agonist), or...
  10. BlackMolasses

    Look for an alternative to coffee

    Coffee improves my well-being, but everything containing it has risen excessively in price in these times. I have tried nicotine with success, but nicotine gum is boring to consume. I live in a communist dictatorship so snus is illegal for some reason, cigarettes are legal but I don't want to...
  11. tastyfood

    Is the aluminum foil from coffee bags an issue?

    I tested high for aluminum in the nail test from Idealabs, and I'm doing a thorough review of everything around the house that could be exposing me to this toxic metal. The coffee I buy comes in bags that have aluminum foil. Does anyone think this could be a source of aluminum consumption...
  12. Twohandsondeck

    How to use clay to offset heavy metal damage from aluminum beverages, pesticides, and reduce plaque

    Answer: 1) Move liquid of choice to non-metal container. 2) Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of green clay to liquid or beverage of choice. 3) Allow the clay to settle at the bottom for 3-5 minutes until bubbling and particles stop floating around. 4) Consume all of beverage except for the last 1-1.5...
  13. A

    Instant coffee smells and tastes terribly sour

    Is it a sign to avoid? I need to get my caffeine, and as the prices are continuously getting higher my only choice is getting the cheapest instant coffee I could find. It smells sour and tastes pungent sour. The taste is nothing like a coffee. What are the chances that it's full of mold, is made...
  14. Green Dot

    Recovering from coffee overdose

    Hi everyone, first of all, Happy New Years. As of typing this, I still feel off, so pardon any errors. So a few days back, I believe I had too much coffee, and as a result, had a panic attack. I haven’t really felt the same since then. I feel much, much duller, I also feel dizzy at times...
  15. A

    Need help to figure out why I react so badly to coffee

    Firstly, I have PSSD but not prefer to call it that way because my problems are more akin to CFS/progressive dementia. Whenever I drink coffee, my dementia goes worse (vision, cognitive abilities), my bowel gets more reactive to inner stimuli, my chronic hunger problem gets worse, my motor...
  16. JamesGatz

    Drinking coffee from paper cups seems to be quiet toxic

    I'm sure many of us are familiar with the paper cups that we all get from fast food - As most of us know - a paper cup cannot hold a smoldering hot liquid (hot coffee) without melting so what do they line these cups with in order to hold the hot liquid ? polyethylene polyethylene - a...
  17. Apple

    Prof. Gerhard Volkheimer - starch persorption

    Ray Peat: "Around 1988 I read Gerhard Volkheimer’s persorption article, and after doing some experiments with tortillas and masa, I stopped eating all starch except for those, then eventually I stopped those. Besides grains of starch entering the blood stream, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid...
  18. A

    Aspirin was the most potent life-extension agent when data for all model organisms was combined, more so than rapamycin or metformin

    Research on aging and lifespan-extending compounds has been carried out using diverse model organisms, including yeast, worms, flies and mice. Many studies reported the identification of novel lifespan‐extending compounds in different species, some of which may have the potential to translate to...
  19. FitnessMike

    This is what happened to my thyroid hormones after 3 weeks of coffee

    Top results are before started coffee, bottom one after after 3 weeks of using coffee. Levels from top picc were high from supplementation from months ago, but because of my high rt3 my body wasnt able to utilise them and they kept high for a long time. Im assuming that coffee better my liver...