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  1. Artynoa

    Allergic eye inflammation sucks.

    Hello! Im Peating now since about 2 Years and improved especially my poor digestion with pro metabolic Food. Im 32, male and since 9 years i have bad eye allergy Problems every time Spring season comes. I have to emphasize that my work requires to drive about 2 hours everyday with my E cooter or...
  2. haidut

    Stress causes/exacerbates allergies, pregnenolone/progesterone therapeutic

    Yet another studies demonstrating the "controversial" link between stress and a condition doctors insist has nothing to do with stress or hormones in general. This time the culprit is CRF/CRH, which is the initial step in the "stress" cascade and is now known to be implicated in conditions such...
  3. P

    Hyperventilation from contaminated allergic sugar or sugar?

    If I use as much as 25 or more grams of white sugar with a cup of coffee and a glass of milk among other foods - it visibly suppresses my breathing resulting in brain fog. I suspect it might be because of allergic impurities in the sugar, which is absolutely possible in my case, but I don't have...
  4. M

    Vitamin D3 makes me feel cold

    So I've been taking for almost a month vitamins D3 & K2MK4 (in one pill that I smash to dust and add to my milk) and just vitamin D3 (pill, same company as the other). Lately I upped my D3 dose to 8000 IUs and there was a reason for it, but I started feeling cold despite no changes in my diet...
  5. Soren

    Eating Liver Causing Allergic Reaction?

    For some reason whenever I take liver capsules I get an allergic like reaction in the form of excess saliva build up. It is really debilitating. The liver capsules themselves do not cause a reaction but for some reason whenever I eat anything for the rest of the day I'm coughing and clearing...
  6. haidut

    Blocking Serotonin May Treat Allergies And Inflammatory Diseases

    The bad news for serotonin (5-HT) just keeps accumulating. Aside from its well-known (outside of medical office, of course) effects on causing pretty much any mental illness defined in DSM V, as well as fibrosis in any organ/tissue unfortunate enough to be exposed to 5-HT now we can add...
  7. haidut

    Ketotifen Can Reverse Pancreatic Damage And Improve Digestion

    Many people on the forum have reported struggling with poor digestion, and some have experienced relief by taking digestive enzymes. Peat and many other researchers have written about the connection between poor digestion and virtually all chronic conditions. The pancreas can get damaged by a...
  8. P

    Theanine Is A Candidate Amino Acid For Pharmacological Stabilization Of Mast Cells

    Theanine is a candidate amino acid for pharmacological stabilization of mast cells. - PubMed - NCBI The increasing occurrences of allergic disorders may be attributed to exposure to environmental factors that contribute to the pathogenesis of allergy. The health benefits of green tea have been...
  9. Diokine

    CO2 Decreases Mast Cell Sensitivity

    Treatment of mast cells with carbon dioxide suppresses degranulation via a novel mechanism involving repression of increased intracellular calcium levels. Results from this study provide the first evidence of a unique regulatory mechanism by which CO₂ inhibits mast cell degranulation and...
  10. haidut

    Estrogen Worsens Allergic Reactions

    This study shows exacerbation of allergic reactions, which estrogen causes by increasing synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), and also recognizes that the differences in estrogen levels between the sexes may account for the difference in allergy susceptibility. Needless to say, another win for Ray's...
  11. haidut

    Vegetarian Diet Appears To Be Highly Detrimental To Health

    You can imagine the furor this news is generating around the various Vegan and Paleo circles on the Internet. But the conclusions are rather strong and statistically significant, even though this was an epidemiological study. What can I say, animal products rule...