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Eating Liver Causing Allergic Reaction?


Apr 5, 2016
For some reason whenever I take liver capsules I get an allergic like reaction in the form of excess saliva build up. It is really debilitating.

The liver capsules themselves do not cause a reaction but for some reason whenever I eat anything for the rest of the day I'm coughing and clearing my throat to the point where I am gagging on saliva. I've actually ended up vomiting a few times because of this.

I was not always this way, I had been eating liver for a while with no problems. My current theory is that there is some form of bacteria I have caught that does not react well to liver and causes an immune like response.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

The capsules are 100% gelatin and the brand I've been using is Ancestral Supplements

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