1. K

    I’ve got Omicron

    Hey all — Happy New Year! I appear to have contracted Omicron. The only vaxxed person in my house was the first to show symptoms, and in the days since, the illness has ripped through the rest of us. I haven’t tested, but my experience aligns perfectly with all the symptoms I’ve seen online...
  2. orangeUglad

    Beef liver safe while pregnant?

    I consume a lot of milk, tropical fruits, organ meats etc...was reading online pregnant woman should not eat liver because the high vitamin A can cause birth this true? Also does anyone have good diet/supplement advice for a pregnant woman?
  3. tseri12

    Preventing miscarriage advice

    Has anyone heard or tried Zi Su Ye, a chinese herb medicine that can prevent misscarriage and help when sick? i’m going to be trying for a baby start of 2022 after having a miscarriage in 2020 and really scared about not carrying to full term again. any advice would be appreciated<3
  4. A

    Yet another "Is it hypothyroidism?" thread

    Hi everyone, im quite new to this forum, but already found a some great knowledge here. Althought im not convinced to go full peaty-style, i think i can use some of this wisdom to better my life. To the point. I recently did a hormone blood tests and found out that i have high prolactin (could...
  5. F

    Some doubts about basic preworkout stack

    Hi guys, I'm assembling a basic preworkout stack: * agmatine * citrulline * taurine * cordyceps (cycled with ginseng and Rhodiola) * beta alanine What do you think of this stack? Anything missing in your opinion? I have a few open points: 1. Adding something else for energy, such as...
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