New Alzheimer's study


May 7, 2013
Outcome was biomarker no definite outcomes
Sample size n=47
duration 4 weeks
No control group
Details of the dietary intervention not supplied (only ratios of foods, not the single food items)


Feb 20, 2013
Could not find the whole article, but this site has more info than yahoo one. ... 37881.html
One thing about this diet is 45 % fat vs 25% fat, this factor alone can
lower metabolism instantly and cause whole host of problems,Randle cycle.
I am assuming low fat group ate more carb than
high fat. Higher carb increases thyroid hormone and metabolism .
In yahoo news article they are blaming sugar but inside the article
they mentioned that one group used white rice +bread and other group
used whole grains. where is the sugar?
Grain fed pork fat can have up to 30% PUFA.
They did not show the breakdown of PUFA content, only Saturated fat.
It is so tiring to read this kind of BS.
They could have feed both group same amount of SFA vs PUFA or MUFA
and then they could blame it on Saturated fat.
Beef and pork have way more iron than chicken and fish.
Iron plays a big role in Alzheimer'.
You can not take this kind of science seriously.
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