Despite 10% Drop In Caloric Intake, Childhood Obesity On The Rise In The USA


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
This new study is generating a lot of "controversy" as they like to call it in mainstream media. By controversy, what is really meant is the falsification of the calories in/out postulate that is so popular among medical professionals and dieticians.

Here's why kids are still getting more obese

"...According to a 2015 New York Times analysis of government and private-sector data, the number of calories consumed annually by the average US child declined 9 percent between 2004 and 2013. And yet, researchers from Duke and Wake Forest have found that trend has not improved the child obesity situation. Using body mass index data from the National Health Examination Survey, which tracks randomly selected households with health exams and surveys every two years, the researchers calculated moderate (class 1), mid-level (class 2) and extreme (class 3) obesity rates among kids aged 2 to 19. Here's what they found, from a paper they published in the peer-reviewed journal Obesity."


Aug 29, 2013
Its because kids are eating too much insulin spiking sucrose and too much artery clogging saturated fat. The children need to eat more "complex carbohydrates " and more "heart protective" unsaturated fats. Also more fish, no red meat.
Nov 26, 2013
He said that while kids have eased up on problematic items like sugary sodas in recent years, they're "not shifting the quality of [their] diets toward healthy foods." Instead, "we continue to see our children mainly eat what we would call junk food," relying heavily on cookies and other grain-based sweets, along with plenty of salty snacks, fruit juice (which acts an awful lot like soda in our bodies), and other sugary beverages.



Jul 28, 2013
It sounds like the children consumed less sugar, as in soft drinks. Yet, they gained weight. So sugar is not the culprit. PUFA, as found in in peanut butter, needs a closer look. French fries should be cooked like the old McDonald's, in beef fat. The "authorities" just cannot bring themselves to consider PUFA might be the culprit.


Nov 16, 2015
I am shocked... shocked at what kids I know eat. It's horrendous really. I rarely see them eat much actual food. It's like food analogs all day errryday. For example, breakfast bars (like nutrigrain), chips, crackers, baby carrots (basically a sad excuse for a carrot) with peanut butter, crap cereals loaded with junk, hot dogs, breads with about 6000 ingredients, oh and damn French fries loaded with pufa... Don't even get me started on those. And this is not poor kids we are talking about with parents who are working poor and can't afford fresh foods. This is middle to upper middle class kids who's parents could afford to feed them extremely well. A damn shame.


Mar 29, 2014
It sounds like the children consumed less sugar, as in soft drinks. Yet, they gained weight. So sugar is not the culprit. PUFA, as found in in peanut butter, needs a closer look. French fries should be cooked like the old McDonald's, in beef fat. The "authorities" just cannot bring themselves to consider PUFA might be the culprit.
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