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  1. bornamachine

    Feel Great After Eating Liverwurst Or Liver Sausage

    Hey everyone thought I'd share something with you maybe someone has some information anyway I've been feeling really crappy for the last week really tired and wiped out after work usually crash no energy but this Friday something happen I picked up some fine mother goose liver sausage from a...
  2. R

    Beef Liver/ Chicken Liver?

    Hi everyone, If I can't find beef liver in the area I live, can I eat chicken liver instead ? Or chicken liver pate ? Is it have to be beef ? Thanks !
  3. P

    Dark strings in liver

    I've noticed that almost always when I buy liver it has these dark red strings in it. They come in different sizes and shapes. At first I thought they were some kind of parasite but I've had them in livers of different animals (beef / lamb / turkey). Maybe clotted blood? Here's a picture so you...
  4. D

    Beef Heart?

    Hello everyone, Liver is usually advised,but the place where I can get Lamb Liver rarely has any. (It's an ethnic market,so it's sold out quickly.) Anyway,I'm trying to up my protein but the problem's that I'm really financially tied. (I'm currently eating a lot of Alaskan Pollock as it's not...
  5. M

    liver and what to eat with it

    I like my liver, but I'm wondering what kind of carbs do you eat with it???? Any examples of your "liver" meal for the week???
  6. N

    Liver: Anti-thyroid, Vit A, Copper

    Peat often says liver is anti-thyroid, but what specifically in it makes it anti-thyroid? I had a thought to increase liver, to try and get more vitamin A but not exactly sure of all the pro's and the con's. I'd also like to get more copper from non-oyster source, caus oysters are so expensive...
  7. tomisonbottom

    Desiccated Liver

    Is anyone here taking desiccated liver power supplements instead of actual liver?
  8. M

    Eating Liver

    Y'all I just can't. I know I need it because I'm sure I need the Vitamin A and I'm also somewhat sure I don't have any in me at the moment.But I can't eat it; I wouldn't even know where to *find* beef liver in this town. I've checked a couple meat counters and only run across chicken livers...
  9. charlie

    Has Anyone Hit Their Limit of Liver?

    I know Ray Peat says to eat around 4 ounces or so a week(is that the correct amount?) due to lowering of thyroid. Maybe excess iron is part of the reason why it should be limited. And I know we tell each other to watch for lower metabolism symptoms from too much liver. So, has anyone hit that...
  10. Bluebell

    How Much Liver Is Too Much Liver?

    If someone feels they need a lot of vitamin A (eg. for skin, or in sunshine a lot), then would it be OK to eat more than 6oz of liver a week, and what would be the limit? How would you know if you were having too much? This would be drinking it with coffee to block the iron.
  11. tomisonbottom


    Hi guys, I read that "liver, and pork chops are rich in cysteine, which “turns off” the thyroid gland as soon as your body uses up it’s glycogen and ideally shouldn't be your main source of protein." and then I read: When people supplement thyroid and eat liver once or twice a week, their...
  12. J

    How does liver suppress thyroid function?

    Ray Peat says it's not good to eat liver too often (more than 2 times a week, I think) because it suppresses thyroid function. What is it about liver that suppresses thyroid function?
  13. J

    Beef, Lamb, and Pork Liver

    I wanted to compare the nutritional values of these three types of liver. Unfortunately, threw an error when I put chicken liver as well. Quantity: 3 ounces Vitamin A Beef Liver: 24580 UI Lamb Liver: 21663 UI Pork Liver: 15306 UI Copper Beef Liver: 12 mg Lamb Liver: 7.2 mg...
  14. chris

    Eating Organs

    As we know liver is very useful but is there any benefits from eating other organs, for example heart, kidney etc Thanks.
  15. crX

    Beef Liver Anyone

    I've found a guy at my farmer's market who sells locally raised beef liver, and I've been considering buying some for some time now. Thing is, I've never eaten it, aside from "liverwurst" when I was a kid. I've heard it's got a really strong taste. I don't even know what it looks like, or...
  16. bradley

    Organ supplements

    What do you all think of the following? ... erfood.htm Of course it's optimal to just eat the organs. But for instances where one cant, like extended trips or other reasons. Do you think this would fit the bill? There are no additives or other...
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