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  1. Vivin3BC

    Are the Elites Sadistic?

    Only read, if you’re open-minded: Poisoning us for decades, lying to us, making us suffer, faking catastrophic events, degenerating us.. Pure sadism. The question is, why? What is the point of that? Wouldn’t a happy human want others to be happy too? We will never understand. We are...
  2. Vivin3BC

    Why Do Women Prefer Tall Men?

    If being tall equals better chances of getting a mate, why don’t our bodies grow? We have an abundance of calories we can give our bodies, yet they won’t make themselves grow. Why can’t our mind influence our looks? I want to grow taller I want to grow taller I want to grow taller.. Repeating...
  3. JamesGatz

    5 goals of the elites by 2050 - An in-depth look at our Brave New World in 30 years

    *** NOT meant to scare anyone - just a guide to link current events and grasp our future directions *** Excerpts from: written in 1993 by Coleman who describes himself as an ex-intelligence whistleblower Interesting Fact about this book: This book was found (along with 9/11 "truther"...
  4. JamesGatz

    Cats BANNED from going OUTSIDE in Australia

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10637357/Australias-new-cat-curfew-ban-pets-going-outside.html Just the beginning - pretty soon you will be told "owning pets/animals is bad for the environment and your precious dogs/cats will receive the Shanghai treatment: View...
  5. JamesGatz

    Identifying controlled opposition: Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, DeSantis/Abbott, David Icke, CAF

    This thread will serve to identify and debate about people who may be and/or probably are controlled opposition: Identifying Controlled Opposition: I believe 95%+ of people who appear to be on our side are controlled opposition 1) Russel Brand Guaranteed controlled opposition He is quiet...
  6. JamesGatz

    The Elite's Endgame - Piecing together the puzzle and their final solution - Your future as a cyborg slave

    The following are all excerpts from Human Augmentation: the Dawn of a New Paradigm - A strategic implications project posted by the UK's Military of Defense in partnership with Germany's Bundeswehr office of defense planning This is a public document that aligns with much of Schwaab's Fourth...
  7. GermanTruther

    The Elite Want an Autistic Population

    Abnormal Body Posturing or Facial Expressions Abnormal Tone of Voice Avoidance of Eye Contact or Poor Eye Contact Behavioral Disturbances Deficits in Language Comprehension Delay in Learning to Speak Flat or Monotonous Speech Inappropriate Social Interaction Intense Focus on One Topic Lack of...
  8. A

    Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about

    Irish independent investor Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about 34 Minute Video Melissa Cuimmei We just watched this video and Melissa laid the groundwork out from a financial/digital perspective to where this current crazy...