1. Sapien

    What does hypoglycemia feel like?

    Today I har a sudden wave of tiredness/yawning/bad mood, probably due to overdoing it on coffee and dropping my blood sugar as it happened shortly after After drinking some orange juice those symptoms vanished, a complete 180 in energy level/mood It was super profound and was the first time I...
  2. Connor888

    Best way to correct chronically high adrenalin?

    My basal temps have always been low. But through the day they have usually appeared normal.. high sometimes, with a pulse of 90-100+ - I recently started measuring my temperature 30-60 minutes AFTER a meal instead, and I found my body temperature can fall as much as 37.2c - > to 36.7c when I do...
  3. Razvan

    Help with thyroid

    Hey , i have a High tsh (4,5) and i'm 21 years old. I have low waking temperatures (97.5) but good in the afternoon.(98.5)I tried T3 and t4 together but It gave me panick attacks and depression for 2 weeks. And also with Small amounts of t3 (even 1mcg)i got panick attacks for 2 days. What can i...
  4. Recoen

    Hypoglycemia With Fruit

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the following? I have hypoglycemia - blood test measured in the 30s with low-normal insulin. I’ve been following many of RP’s principles for 6mos now. Overall I’m doing really well- putting on muscle, way better cognitive ability, temps and pulse are...
  5. J

    Adrenal Fatigue Real Or Fake?

    How important are our adrenal glands to energy production truly? Come across so many articles which mention their significance. It seems as if Peat strongly disagrees with that notion. I know the guy is unparalleled in terms of knowledge but what are some other opinions on this matter?
  6. E

    What Has Helped You The Most For Hypoglycemia?

    I have tried b vitamins, glycine , taurine, k2, caffeine, starch, sugar, fat, pepicid, frequent eating, intermittent fasting, and nothing seems to be working. Is just getting worse. For those who have had recurrent hypoglycemia, what has helped you the most?
  7. haidut

    Cyproheptadine Blocks Cortisol Excess Due To Hypoglycemia / Estrogen

    Another good study demonstrating that very tight relationship between serotonin, estrogen and cortisol. In light of all this evidence I am not sure how can anyone call serotonin the happiness hormone, or recommend estrogen for menopause....These things are pure poison (metabolically speaking)...
  8. haidut

    Stress is a potent stimulator of prolactin and GH release

    It is common knowledge among Peatarians that both prolactn and growth hormone (GH) are stress hormones that ar ebest kept as low as possible. This study shows that things hypoglycemia, surgery and exercise are all potent stimulators of these stress hormones. The last time I talked to my doctor...
  9. haidut

    Hypoglycemia Is Obesogenic And Associated With Depression

    This would not really be surprising to Peat followers but it is nice to see it explored in mainstream media. Fasting may have its uses, but the chronic starvation induced by diets like Weight Watchers are truly wreaking havoc on the population. http://suppversity.blogspot.com/2014/09 ...
  10. J

    Acne, Hypoglycemia, Adrenalin

    Some random observations that I find interesting... Hypoglycemia: I noticed that hypoglycemia or adrenalin surge can show up in at least two different ways. If I go too long without eating, I get lightheaded and it becomes difficult to think properly. If I drink excess coffee, I get a racing...
  11. haidut

    Stress-induced glycolysis is mediated by adrenalin

    A nice study that ties together the hypoglycemic state of shock with increased levels of lactate and pyruvate - all caused by adrenalin. Anti-adrenalin agents (beta "receptor" blockers) successfully ameliorated the condition. I wonder if clonidine would do the same given another study I found...