1. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health - Why a Man Should Wear Copper Brads (1890)

    From the Electrical World journal, vol. XV. No. 1. -JANUARY 4, 1890. __________________ Why a Man Should Wear Copper Brads We feel we should be wanting in a sense of public duty if the following were withheld from electrical people suffering from any of the ills that flesh is heir to. The St...
  2. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health - Conductive shoes patent (1894)

    ELECTROTHERAPEUTIC BODY WEAR - George Quarrie Related thread:
  3. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health - Shoes as insulators, Electro-nervous action (1891)

    Excerpts: ___________________________________________ SHOES AS INSULATORS George Quarrie maintains, in the N. Y. Medical Journal, that civilized man is seriously damaged in health by leather shoes, which more or less insulate his body from the earth. He cites many illustrations of the physical...
  4. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health - discovery by a laborer in 1889

    Lee Meriwether, Special Agent of The U. S. Department of Labor writes in 1889: _____________________________ Denver is a cold place in winter. On one of the very coldest days of the season, when the mercury registered below zero, and a seven-inch snow lay on the ground, a card was brought up to...
  5. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health - Frank Leslie's Weekly (1893)

    Related thread: Earthing/Grounding for health and conductive shoes - in the year of 1876 Excerpt: ____________________________________________________ When a man finds his head growing bald, his eyesight or hearing becoming impaired, his teeth decaying, or any other sign of physical disorder...
  6. miquelangeles

    Earthing/Grounding for health and conductive shoes - in the year of 1876

    In the 1800s a doctor named Joseph Henry Shorthouse hypothesized that cholera and other epidemics were transmitted or caused by a morbid form of electricity in the atmosphere. He made the observation that certain epidemics affect the young and active in particular, whose bodies generate a lot...
  7. miquelangeles

    Grounding experiment 1

    I've read about grounding potted plants and the results seemed too good to be true so I tried to replicate the experiments myself. On May 31st 2022 I bought several sunflowers from a flower shop and I made sure they were identical in size and shape. They were probably several days old already...
  8. Hans

    Perfect health trilogy for reducing stress, lowering cortisol and improving health

    Hi guys, I haven't been writing a lot of articles lately since I've got a lot on my plate atm. Soon I'll start writing more again, but in the meanwhile, I'm relatively active on my YT channel. I thought I'd share this vid about stress management since keeping stress at bay is one of the most...
  9. N

    Electricity And Health

    I'm having trouble fitting electricity into my model of health and of the universe. Partially through Peats work I have developed a very non-dualistic view of the universe. Tesla said the way to understand the universe is to view things through frequency, vibration and sound and this is similar...
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