cold hands and feet

  1. HeartGold

    Potatoes are the only thing that make my hands and feet warm but why?

    Hi, As the title says, this is the only way for me to get warm hands and feet in summer but in winter it works a lot less. My complete body will feel warm but it’s short term, or I have to eat the whole day potatoes but peat is against it? My temperature (under armpit for 10min) is 37.2 max...
  2. PeatandPotatoes

    I want to increase body temp and metabolic rate, any tips? (16 yo)

    I have recently been monitoring body temp, in the morning my temp is usually around 97.4 During the day my temp will go to a maximum of around 98.4 and 92 pulse (usually after a meal) I seem to be sensitive to the cold as well, hands and feet get cold quickly.If I am outside or in air...
  3. V

    Salt intake

    every time I drink water because I feel dehydrated and I pee dark yellow, I drink water, but after that I end up having cold extremities, cold in general and I urinate very transparent quickly. Could this be because my body is so lacking in minerals and bottled water today is almost all weakly...
  4. J

    Eating Liver Makes Me Feel Cold More Often And Faster, Why?

    On a low A diet I have less energy, can't sleep, have oily and worse skin, but my temps are higher between meals. I found I have to eat liver daily. I get great energy from it, sleep perfectly and have much better skin. But I always find it makes my temps drop faster between meals. Is this...