People Can Sense The Earth's Magnetic Field, Just Like Animals

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    A rather groundbreaking study, which not only shows our brains are much more mysterious than "neuroscience" with its primitive digital models would have us believe, but also raises very troubling questions about the effects of EMF pollution has on our brains and health. Animals which are known to depend on Earth's magnetic field for orientation (e.g. migratory birds) quickly get sick and often die when exposed chronically to an unnatural magnetic field that drowns the Earth's own magnetic field. The same thing is likely true for us, and we are surrounded by devices that generate powerful magnetic fields. One of the most powerful magnetic field generators are microwaves present in most homes and many people sit very close to them on a daily basis for 15min-30min periods while cooking food.
    Perhaps even more importantly, this raises serious questions about how the Sun's and Earth's changing magnetic fields are affecting our health. But I think this is too much of a leap for even the authors of this study to make currently. At least, it is a great step in the right direction towards realizing just how big of a role the environment plays in determining out health.
    Hey @pimpnamedraypeat - what do you make of the humans responding to counterclockwise rotation but not clockwise one?

    Transduction of the Geomagnetic Field as Evidenced from Alpha-band Activity in the Human Brain
    People can sense Earth’s magnetic field, brain waves suggest

    "...A new analysis of people’s brain waves when surrounded by different magnetic fields suggests that people have a “sixth sense” for magnetism. Birds, fish and some other creatures can sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it for navigation (SN: 6/14/14, p. 10). Scientists have long wondered whether humans, too, boast this kind of magnetoreception. Now, by exposing people to an Earth-strength magnetic field pointed in different directions in the lab, researchers from the United States and Japan have discovered distinct brain wave patterns that occur in response to rotating the field in a certain way. These findings, reported in a study published online March 18 in eNeuro, offer evidence that people do subconsciously respond to Earth’s magnetic field — although it’s not yet clear exactly why or how our brains use this information. “The first impression when I read the [study] was like, ‘Wow, I cannot believe it!’” says Can Xie, a biophysicist at Peking University in Beijing. Previous tests of human magnetoreception have yielded inconclusive results. This new evidence “is one step forward for the magnetoreception field and probably a big step for the human magnetic sense,” he says. “I do hope we can see replications and further investigations in the near future.”

    "...Sure enough, changes in the magnetic field triggered changes in people’s alpha waves. Specifically, when the magnetic field pointed toward the floor in front of a participant facing north — the direction that Earth’s magnetic field points in the Northern Hemisphere — swiveling the field counterclockwise from northeast to northwest triggered an average 25 percent dip in the amplitude of alpha waves. That change was about three times as strong as natural alpha wave fluctuations seen in control trials. Curiously, people’s brains showed no responses to a rotating magnetic field pointed toward the ceiling — the direction of Earth’s field in the Southern Hemisphere. Four participants were retested weeks or months later and showed the same responses."

    "...If these findings are replicable, they pose several questions — such as why people seem to respond to downward- but not upward-pointing fields. Kirschvink and colleagues think they have an answer: “The brain is taking [magnetic] data, pulling it out and only using it if it makes sense,” Kirschvink says. Participants in this study, who all hailed from the Northern Hemisphere, should perceive downward-pointing magnetic fields as natural, whereas upward fields would constitute an anomaly, the researchers argue. Magnetoreceptive animals are known to shut off their internal compasses when encountering weird fields, such as those caused by lightning, which might lead the animals astray. Northern-born humans may similarly take their magnetic sense “offline” when faced with strange, upward-pointing fields. This explanation “seems plausible,” Hore says, but would need to be tested in an experiment with participants from the Southern Hemisphere. The brain’s attention to counterclockwise but not clockwise rotations “is something surprising that we don’t really have a good explanation for,” says coauthor Connie Wang, who studies magnetoperception at Caltech. Some people may respond to clockwise rotations, just like some people are left-handed rather than right-handed, or clockwise rotations generate brain activity not captured in the alpha wave signal, she says." “It’s kind of intriguing to think that we have a sense of which we’re not consciously aware,” says Peter Hore, a chemist at the University of Oxford who has studied birds’ internal compasses. But “extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof, and in this case, that includes being able to reproduce it in a different lab.”
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    I just saw this video on youtube. It's about the same study in this thread.
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    From "The Wayfinders", by Wade Davis, 2009:

    "Until the invention of the chronometer, navigators relied on dead reckoning, which made it hazardous for an ordinary ship to sail beyond sight of land. Yet in the Pacific something exceptional was going on.....

    "Captain James Cook, arguably the best navigator in the history of the Royal Navy, was the first to pay serious notice....To his astonishment, Cook reported, the Polynesian navigator was able to indicate, at every moment of the voyage, the precise direction back to Tahiti, though he had neither benefit of sextant nor knowledge of charts."
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    Fascinating. In a similar vein, I posted this thread a while ago about strange experiences that have been noted in hemochromatosis patients, and how getting de-ironed changed some of those things-

    Static Electricity And Iron/Ferritin Levels
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    Hey haidut. Well according to the russian torsion field theory people have a torsion field that is connected to their etheric body.

    “ABSTRACT: By studying the behaviour of the etheric body, we discovered that there is a relationship between torsion field and the axis of symmetry of the etheric body. There are a series of reasons that makes us believe that the human etheric body is not only subject to torsion field from the outer world, but it acts also as en emitter of torsion field.
    The measurement of the etheric body according to the method proposed by Stephan Cardinaux (1) not only considers the size of the etheric body but also the location of the planes of symmetry, with respect to our physical body. By studying the behaviour of these symmetry- planes, together with Stephan Cardinaux, we found that the left-right vertical plane has to do with the direction of rotation of the torsion field.“​

    Normally people have a right handed torsion field but after being near a microwave or drinking microwaved water or being exposed to emf they get left handed torsion.

    I think torsion and magnetic is the same thing. So maybe the switch from northeast to northwest pointing magnetic field is like a switch form right hand torsion to left hand torsion and the alpha waves go down because of the negative sentiment it produces...

    “The size of the etheric body stands for vitality: Anything that increases our vitality: good news, healthy food, being in a sacred place, certain minerals, essential oils, will increase the size of our etheric body and the vertical axis will be aligned. On the other hand, electrical disturbances, bad news, standing on a geopathogenic zone, poison, unhealthy food, but also emotional blockage, will reduce the size of our etheric body, and in some cases, the vertical axis will be shifted to the left.”​

    We verified that when a person is subject to HF-EMF (high frequency electromagnetic fields), its size of the etheric body decreases, in severe cases it is reduced to less than 50% of its normal size.”

    This deserves it’s s own thread. 5G is a spiritual attack.

    “While making these studies, we realized that EM radiation is not the only cause for our vertical axis to shift to the left and for the IGA-1 to indicated left-hand torsion field. There are certain other phenomena that cause a shift to the left. Here is a non-exhaustive list:​
    •Geopathogenic areas (earth cracks, underground water)
    Water that has been placed in a microwave oven
    • Presence of entities (also called lost souls), astral parasites, etheric objects
    • Adverse emotional stated, fear, anger
    • Mentally focussing on a geopathogenic area.”

    My bet would be that geopathogenic areas have bad magnetic fields

    “The theory of a spiralling torsion field explains the formation of spiralling forms of live. The double spiral structure of a snail shell is a very nice example. In order to build up the shell made of carbon oxide, the right-hand torsion field is supposed to play an important role. Experiences with empty snail shells found in nature allowed us to realize that they are generating right hand torsion field. We even succeeded to compensate the torsion field of a mobile phone with a package of spiralled noodles.”

    How interesting
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    Crap! Now I have to change my bed's orientation. I though head pointed north was the right orientation. Or does head facing north not mean head pointed north? Confused.