1. haidut

    People Can Sense The Earth's Magnetic Field, Just Like Animals

    A rather groundbreaking study, which not only shows our brains are much more mysterious than "neuroscience" with its primitive digital models would have us believe, but also raises very troubling questions about the effects of EMF pollution has on our brains and health. Animals which are known...
  2. haidut

    Changes In Earth's Magnetic Field May Predict Quakes Up To 48h In Advance

    One more study corroborating the idea that changes in the Sun and Earth's magnetic fields may be the master controller not only of the weather but of natural disasters like quakes. The study below found that changes in the geomagnetic field consistently predicted seismic activity up to 48 hours...
  3. haidut

    Humans, Like Other Mammals, Can Probably Detect Magnetic Fields

    I posted before on the ability of higher mammals and even primates to detect magnetic fields and use them in their daily routines. Dogs, Primates, And Maybe Even Humans Can Sense Magnetic Fields Warthogs, Wild Boars May Have Internal Magnetic Compass | Biology | Many researchers who...
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