1. V

    Bottled water doesn't hydrate me

    I feel that the water does not hydrate me correctly, it generates some kind of imbalance in my body, after drinking I feel that I urinate quickly transparent, it makes me cold and I do not feel well hydrated. Is there a drink that I can use instead of water that will hydrate me better...
  2. P

    Best ways to test at home? Temp, pulse, etc

    How do you guys check your temperature and pulse at home? I've been doing underarm temperatures but have heard that oral might be more indicative. What other tests can you do at home to check for proper metabolism/low stress hormones? I remember @haidut saying the amount you urinate may be...
  3. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 11-18-16 Vitamin D

    Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup The majority of the show is about vitamin D, but it also touches on calcium and urine analysis. And most importantly, I think someone in the studio stubs their toe at around 37 minutes. Donate to support KMUD here.
  4. Michsaun

    Methylene Blue - No Blueish Urine?

    I've been taking 2 mg of methylene blue for the last couple of weeks. So far no ill side effects, has helped with brain fog and energy and enabled me to stop taking H.C. for adrenals and Florinef for low blood pressure, which is now normal. My question relates to what I've read about MB...