1. Twohandsondeck

    Trump convincingly shown as controlled opposition

    This video is a few months old, but I just came across it, so here's the share: View: The first 25-ish minutes make a clear cut case that Trump was put forth as a controlled opposition by the church of Satan. The last portion discusses some nuances of 5G...
  2. haidut

    CNN admits constant deliberate lies on COVID-19, climate, economy, Trump, etc.

    I knew CNN was engaging in blatant COVID-19 manipulation back in March 2020 when for several days in row I saw CNN display constantly a red alert banner that said "This about to get VERY, VERY scary!" Aside from the fact that no serious journalist/news organization runs headlines like that, to...
  3. haidut

    Cuomo says NY must reopen ASAP or they will be nothing left to reopen

    A year ago, if I had seen an article like that on MSM I would have just rolled my eyes and assumed it was just schizophrenic journalists writing in a state of SSRI withdrawal. Yet, here it is and it is not an isolated news item. After an entire year of mocking, vilifying, arresting, doxxing...
  4. MatheusPN


    So some people believe that Zionism rules the world. Certainly, fascists control the world. Certainly eugenicists imperialists control the world. Certainly, Trump is a Zionist, an imperialist, which is benefited by and supports the likes of the Rothschild. He is part of the agenda that aims to...
  5. Geronimo

    The Real Enemy

    The real enemy is the media and the political party system. We need to go after that, not each other. They've made us hate each other and it's coming to a boil. Turn off the damn burner and stop giving them a voice in our ears. We need to be each other's voices. Both parties are divisive. All of...
  6. haidut

    Hobbies Trump Science least when it comes to learning highly sophisticated, life-saving surgical skills, which in my opinion makes the thread title that much more valid. In fact, I would make the sweeping generalization that it applies to all science and that one of the reasons we are currently in a scientific...
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