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  1. M

    Proven Ways To Get Out Of Hypothyroid State

    Besides supplementing NDT or glandulars OR any supplement…does anyone have any advice or techniques that got them out of a hypothyroid state? Tsh around 3 with no true autoimmune condition. No antibodies no hashi or graves. Either through food or lifestyle changes I’d prefer to hear! Cheers...
  2. copycat

    Thyroid dosage, looking for friendly advice

    TL;DR: Decided to experiment with Tyromix. Admittedly I simply skimmed over the dosage protocol Ray recommends lmao, not very wise. took about 20 drops of Tyromix total in the span of 3 days(120 mcg T4, 60cmg T3). Expecting some reverseT3(??) and difficulties for my body to adjust to the crazy...
  3. tastyfood

    Lowest rT3 (reverse T3) result I've ever gotten: 7.4 ng/dL

    I have always had reverse T3 on the lowest end of the range, and this time it was below range: 7.4 ng/dL For the last month and half I have experimented with a 2:1 T4 to T3 ratio, taking 100 mcg of T4 and between 40 to 50 mcg consistently almost every day (split in 4 to 5 doses depending on my...
  4. G

    Positive experiences with T4:T3 ratios greater than 4:1?

    I’m interested in finding positive experience of using thyroid medications in ratios greater than 4:1 T4:T3. Please share usage pattern too.
  5. Cameron

    Androgenic effects of T3 supplementation any experiences?

    “Thyroid hormones are important for growth and development of many tissues. Altered thyroid hormone status causes testicular abnormalities. For instance, juvenile hypothyroidism=neonatal transient hypothyroidism induces macroorchidism, increases testicular cell number (Sertoli, Leydig, and germ...
  6. RenaissanceMan

    Nose bleeds from T3? Help!

    What could be the reason I am getting nose bleeds after recently starting T3 supplementation? Is this a sign that I'm taking too much or that I need to take T4 with it as well?
  7. RenaissanceMan

    Did I make a mistake by getting T3 only?

    I placed an order from the Mexican pharmacy a few days ago and they already shipped it! Most likely because I paid extra for fast shipping. The thing is, I only bought Cynomel (T3). I’ve had hypo symptoms for so many years and I’m finally taking the plunge into thyroid medicine. Thinning hair...
  8. thingsvarious

    I Have Tried It All: T4, T3-only, T3/T4-combo, NDT. Here I Share What I Learned

    I am a med student in my last year. For years I have been replacing multiple of my hormones. Thyroid was the first hormone I started to replace. I have tried it all: T4, T3-only, T3/T4-combo, NDT. Here I share what I learned. Because there is just so much misinformation around, I wrote guides...
  9. thingsvarious

    Each Hormone Deficiency Is Associated With A Distinct Kind Of Fatigue. I Had Them All

    Hello, I am a medical student in my last year. For a few years I have been replacing all of my major hormones (see here) and I have been both high and low in many different constellations. From all this I learned 2 things. Each hormone deficiency can cause chronic fatigue. Each hormone...
  10. mayweatherking

    Please Answer Quickly If You Know. What Thyroid Is Doc Equivalent Of Cynoplus In Usa

    Im going to doc in an hr to try to get a thyroid prescription. .. do they have cynoplus in usa or what is the next best thing?
  11. A

    Questions for Thiroyd users

    Hello, I am not sure if this was covered or discussed before but I can't find any information on the forum. I want to know if Greater Pharma does regular testing and quality control on Thiroyd tablets to ensure there are same amounts of T4 and T3 in each batch? What is your experience with...
  12. K

    Muscle Cramping - Cynomel

    I've been getting more muscle tightness and muscle pain all over my body. I think it might have started, or at least gotten worse, when switching from NDT to T4/T3 (about 8 weeks ago). For the past 2 days I switched from generic T3 (my Rx which I can't refill) to cynomel ordered from...
  13. G

    Thiroyd and cynoplus

    Hi everyone hope all is well with all I switched from thiroyd to cynoplus quite recently but im a bit confused as to the switch. I used 2 thiroyd pills each day and how much is that in regards to cynoplus? I've used 1/2 of cynoplus today and feeling quite invigorated but utterly confused. Tally ho
  14. E


    Looking for ingredients for the thyroid-s and Thiroyd. anyone know where to find the list or what the ingredients are. I would appreciate the help, i cant seem to find it.
  15. F

    Gluten Free status of Cynoplus

    Any people with gluten intolerance taking cynoplus? I cannot find the ingredients anywhere!
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