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  1. T

    Best Idealabs anti-viral supplement(s)?

    Looking for something to help mitigate (and even potentially cure) my shingles. Been using a combination of Defibron, Coconut oil and Oregano oil rubbed into the base of my spine every morning. Do you think this it's wise to continue the same stack or maybe Haidut has another supplement that...
  2. Giraffe

    Will there be an upsurge of tuberculosis in Asia ... and worldwide?

    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi predicts that the gene therapy covid-injections will spark an upsurge of tuberculosis worldwide. He says that the bacterium is dormant in the bodies of billions in Asia and Africa. Tuberculosis has once been a major killer and it is extremely difficult to treat especially...
  3. Sefton10

    Successful protocol for viral/fungal issues and vertigo/tinnitus

    I wanted to post this in case there is value in it for others experiencing similar issues. In recent months I have been really struggling with what I suspected to be Ménière’s disease or Labyrinthitis. Symptoms were a constant feeling of vertigo/dizziness that would flare up in acute attacks...
  4. RWilly

    What Are Your Thoughts On The Shingles Vaccine?

    I have some family members that just got the new shingrix vaccine, and are putting on the pressure for me to get the vaccine too. Having had shingles twice (plus chicken pox when I was young), I should be self-vaccinated by now I would think, but I can feel that it still wants to rear it's...
  5. Soren

    Severe Stomach Pain, Possible Caused By Gastroenteritis. Serotonin A Culprit?

    Have a family member who is currently suffering from severe pains in her mid to upper right abdomen. At first we thought it might be a gallbladder issue. Went to the hospital, she had a CT scan and it came up negative for everything; gallbladder, appendicitis, legions, bleeds. Only thing that...