1. C

    Low Fat Diet Guru John McDougall Eats "800 Calories Of Fat" Daily (Video)

    This video is just a few days old. His diet is now high fat. View: https://youtu.be/XBY107OqDJc?t=2204 Dr. McDougall is famous for recommending a "starch based," vegan diet of beans, potatoes, peas, corn, greens etc. to everyone unconditionally for around 40 years. The Mcdougall diet is...
  2. L

    Rice Vermicelli / Rice Sticks

    Does anyone here consume rice vermicelli? It’s made of rice and water. Seems like a good option for people who cannot tolerate eggs and gluten. The downside is, it’s all starch; hence it can feed bacteria in the gut, increase endotoxins, intestinal permeability, inflammation etc. Thoroughly...
  3. P

    Wash Your Rice Before Cooking It (aflatoxin)

    Comparing Efficiency of Rice Washing and Soaking Processes in Reducing the Amount of Aflatoxin B1 | Nassehinia | Iranian Journal of Health, Safety and Environment and notice the method they used for washing them im just wondering why their base aflatoxin level are different between soaking...
  4. Amazoniac

    GI Of White Rice In Different Ways Of Eating

    Very interesting study about how the amount of food matters, not to mention chewing: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ar ... 8414006179 Such_, if you ever read this, another point for the generation abstract!