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  1. A

    Glutamate and Mental Problems - Any Hacks to overcome??

    I did an amino acid test recently and was found to be high in Glutamate. This explains why I used to get excitotoxic symptoms (Panic, OCD, Anger, Migraine, sometimes suicidal thoughts) after eating specific foods like Shitake and Button Mushrooms, any cheese, Potatoes, Bone Broth, All seafood...
  2. E

    The Things That Make Me Think I Have Aspergers

    Lately, I have considered the possibility that I have some form of Aspergers due to various reasons listed below: I enjoy finding out ALOT about the topics I love since discovering Ray Peat I read every idea, article, theory possible and I create frameworks in mind how things work for example...
  3. L

    Injaculation (Retrograde Ejeculation) As A NoFap Substitute

    I think injaculation can be a good substitute for NoFap. You still experience the orgasm, satiety, and relaxation; but you don't experience the low energy, lowered motivation, lowered mental capacity, lowered mood etc. that happen after the ejaculation. The question is, is this dangerous in the...