1. PotatoKing

    Restrictive Diets Lead To Loneliness

    I’ve been thinking about what if foods that taste good to us are actually also healthy for us. I mean, every animal on earth eats food that taste good. That’s what taste is for, to recognise appropriate food. Would that mean a high carb diet with no restrictions (eating to craving and taste)...
  2. JamesGatz


    Hey man, Some of you really think having RAMPANT SEXUAL PARTNERS is healthy man - lets break it down man: A) what do animals do before they have sex? They TEST each other man, they bluff-charge each other, smack each other around a bit, THEY STRESS EACH OTHER OUT to ensure the other ANIMAL IS...
  3. TopG

    I‘m an „Incel“ - Suicidal Thoughts

    Hey everybody, I‘m 19 and an absolute incel. It drives me crazy and I don’t know what else to do. Please help me. I thought about taking steroids to perhaps produce the right pheromones to then attract a significant other. I had times where I had high testosterone but that still didn’t help...
  4. RyanCoon

    Stop RePeating By Karen Mcc

    I was listening to Generative Energy #5 today and Danny mentioned this article at 1:31:00 in. It's a great reminder. If anyone can find the whole article please share. Thanks!
  5. ValeryZeSpanich

    Isn’t pleasure an illusion after all ?

    If we remove the reflex, is sexual enjoyment anything other than just an electric shock triggering spasms for a few seconds? Is the feeling of love fundamentally anything other than a state of physiological over-excitement (a kind of amphetamine)? Do you also think that the pleasure is real or...
  6. haidut

    Every Year, A Penguin Swims Thousands Of Miles To Visit A Man Who Saved Him

    I really liked this story, not only for its feel-good effect, but because it once again illustrates just how intelligent and human-like animals can be. Not to mention that swimming several thousand miles every year, just to be with the person who saved him, flies in the face of all current...
  7. haidut

    SSRI Drugs Impair Judgment, Wisdom, Understanding, Love And Empathy

    I bet this revelation on national news is not what any person expects to hear are the effects of drugs prescribed for every age group starting at age two (2). SSRI, together with PPI are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the USA and probably most other Western countries as well. In addition...
  8. haidut

    Birds Fall In Love Just Like Humans Do

    Another confirmation that animals are just as conscious and capable of human emotion as humans are. The study was done on birds that were monogamous, and if anything, shows that being able to choose a mate that suits you is key not only to happiness but to offspring health as well...
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