1. Drareg

    Israel and the coming cyber attack on banks

    @Mauritio first posted this link in another thread, let’s start a thread here because it looks like this is how they will justify another market collapse and bailout, possibly a new financial system with CBDC’s , I bet the the 300 trillion in debt will effected by the hack attack also, as in not...
  2. Drareg

    Michael P. Singer COVID/China

    Good twitter thread from Senger, he has a book out about Chinas massive propaganda push in early 2020, he shows Bill Gates connections to China. I don’t think he mentions the connections China, Israel and Russia have though, Brendon O Connell covers these connections extensively on his YouTube...
  3. Insaneacinamide

    Ray Peat On The USA Being Inside The Mossad

    @21:03 Ray: Did you hear about the death of China's ambassador to Israel? Danny: No Georgi: Oh no, when did that happen? Ray: A couple of weeks ago. China has been making big deals in technology with Israel, and Pompeo visited Netanyahu trying to get him to stop the deals with China. But then...
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