1. Peatful

    David Hogg is more or less “dangerous” than Greta Thurberg?

    David has never been mentioned on this forum But He is relevant I know our forum user base has changed a bit recently But If anyone has anything of interest to say here Please jump in If not Simply consider this a PSA
  2. A

    Red Stars Over Hollywood - A 1968 interview regarding Illuminati Treason in Hollywood

    This is a super interesting interview with Myron Fagan, a writer, producer and director in American entertainment since the first decade of the 20th century. I'm sure there are some here who know of Myron Fagan, but this is the first I've heard of him and his work. According to his first hand...
  3. JamesGatz

    5 goals of the elites by 2050 - An in-depth look at our Brave New World in 30 years

    *** NOT meant to scare anyone - just a guide to link current events and grasp our future directions *** Excerpts from: written in 1993 by Coleman who describes himself as an ex-intelligence whistleblower Interesting Fact about this book: This book was found (along with 9/11 "truther"...
  4. Drareg

    Macron controlled by big corporate

    This is a scandal happening in France right now, the big corporate media in other nations cover it like its not a big deal, any legit democracy would be alarmed by this. It highlights what we all know about the ruling class davos types, they are fascists looking to take control in the name of...
  5. JamesGatz

    Identifying controlled opposition: Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, DeSantis/Abbott, David Icke, CAF

    This thread will serve to identify and debate about people who may be and/or probably are controlled opposition: Identifying Controlled Opposition: I believe 95%+ of people who appear to be on our side are controlled opposition 1) Russel Brand Guaranteed controlled opposition He is quiet...
  6. JamesGatz

    The Elite's Endgame - Piecing together the puzzle and their final solution - Your future as a cyborg slave

    The following are all excerpts from Human Augmentation: the Dawn of a New Paradigm - A strategic implications project posted by the UK's Military of Defense in partnership with Germany's Bundeswehr office of defense planning This is a public document that aligns with much of Schwaab's Fourth...
  7. Drareg

    Pandora Papers offshore bank accounts

    This is another release similar to the Panama papers, it just dropped today, as usual it seems to be released by the usual ruling class MSM outlets like the guardian, I also notice a lot of fake left shills promoting it online. The main exposes are centered around national elites the ruling...
  8. Drareg

    Denmark abolishes all COVID measures.

    Denmark seems to have had enough of the covid hysterics, they are ending all measures including vaccine passports. Denmark seems to be one of the only reasonable and realistic European nations these days, they pulled out of the excessive and delusional migration and asylum policies a few months...
  9. Drareg

    Michel Foucault was a Paedophile

    The messiah Michel Foucault of the woke brigade that is infecting our lives more so than covid19 is a paedophile, they use the word pederast, why I don’t know, the word was created by the ruling class to imply a difference between a paedophile and one who "only" has sex with teens, we know this...
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