I got advice from herbalist James Sloane for physical anxiety caused by benzos what do you guys think?


Jul 3, 2016
I was advised by herbalist James Sloane to take TMG trimethylglycine and DLPA DL-phenylalanine 1000 mg each 3 times a day 30 minutes before food to help kick the body back in its own dopamine production for benzo induced physical anxiety along with 200 mg magnesium malate twice a day for the physical anxiety. What do you guys think of this?

I had to take the TMG and DLPA for a couple of weeks to build up before slowly reducing the benzo dose.

He also advised for the sugar intolerance (I can't tolerate sugar it gives me severe physical anxiety) to do the following, he said:

"Not likely the sugar but rather something combined with it such as dyes and preservatives that are common allergens. This can stimulate an epinephrine release that if lacking sufficient acetylcholine to balance it out can trigger the anxiety. Supplementing with lecithin granules or choline can increase acetylcholine and you can work on your adrenals with vitamin C sources as well as pantothenic acid (B5) and adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, licorice root and schisandra berry. Ashwagandha also helps with anxiety by increasing GABA levels. I also like the amino acid glycine for anxiety as it also raises GABA. Your anti-anxiety drugs work as GABA agonists (increases GABA effects)."


Nov 29, 2017
How did you get a hold of him @TreasureVibe ? I’m somewhat disappointed he’s not on the internet anymore... One of my favourite herbalists out there


Thread starter
Jul 3, 2016
How did you get a hold of him @TreasureVibe ? I’m somewhat disappointed he’s not on the internet anymore... One of my favourite herbalists out there
Google "James Sloane" and you'll find his Facebook profile right away. You can send him a private message on there with your question and he will reply.


Dec 9, 2019
Just for the benefit of those with a different genetic make up -
Some don't do well with phenylalanine

Glad you are getting help.
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