1. Mauritio

    Testosterone, progesterone, caffeine and thymoquinone inhibit Coronavirus through HSP-binding

    So this study shows that one of the heat shock proteins is important for viral entry of coronaviruses (and many other pathogens!). The author looked for substances that are helpful in binding to HSPA5 ,so it won't bind to the virus. That's at least how I'm reading it. It's already known that...
  2. L

    Increased 5-HT Levels Following Repeated Administration Of Nigella Sativa L. (Black Seed) Oil Produc
  3. N

    Thymoquinone, Black Cumin: Peat Mentioned In Interview

    In the Nitric Oxide interview with The Herb Doctors, Peat talked a lot about Methylene Blue, another of the quinones. I believe it was when a caller asked about other similar, natural substances that suppress nitric oxide that Peat mentioned something called Black Cumin. In looking about it...
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