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    Very High Cholesterol + High Prolactin + High Progesterone - What to do?

  2. fever257

    Obtaining lab tests

    Where does everyone manage to get their lab work done? Out of all things related to Ray Peat, this is unequivocally the most difficult practice to adopt, at least in my experience. I’ve seen over five doctors and it is an uphill battle to try and obtain lab work. There is no combination of...
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    Anyone Have Experience With Everylywell At-home Thyroid Test?

    Just learned about this at-home thyroid test for $99 ... At Home Thyroid Levels Test - Easy to Use and Understand - Everlywell Fingerstics and blood dots on a card are sent back to the lab for analysis. Looks like they only report Free T3, T4 and TSH. No rT3 or other markers. The report...