1. MetabolicTrash

    Why I think men/males go bald (recede), but females/women rarely do

    Okay, so I've been thinking of this -- and although it's not based solely on any scientific analysis or even deep knowledge -- it is a theory of mine I don't think I've seen anyone else postulate. This is a fairly long post -- & I don't have the "linguistics" to define every idea I have super...
  2. 3

    Anyone receding / mpb / aga and cant touch toes?

    hello, inspired by @rei s comments of hair loss being due to fascial tension i'd love to hear what you guys think. also regarding the fascial tension theory of hair loss: does a females high progesterone inhibit this fascial tension from inducing aga?
  3. ALS

    Massaging fasica in scalp promotes hair growth (?)

    Just putting this here. Any ideas? I am in a private FB group for people who use the Fascia Blaster for other issues, mainly cellulite and tightening skin. https://www.ashleyblackguru.com/pages/hair-growth#offers The results are real and sometimes shown by members of the FB group(s).
  4. T

    What could be done about extreme muscle rigidity/tension/tightness due to past klonopin (benzo) use?

    Hey all, I'm asking for a friend. First I posted a similar thread but with the cause being being floxed but now we think it's her past klonopin use. She cold turkeyed it and then reinstated and tapered off. This was more than a year ago. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine. What could be done about...