1. haidut

    Health Of Young People Has Declined Strongly In The Last 30 Years

    When you first look at the study, it seems a fairly benign and almost irrelevant finding. In fact, the study authors try to present it just as such, as they are probably unaware of the implications of their findings. What is more, the study authors call for revision of the health standards in...
  2. haidut

    Soy protein detrimental for muscles strength in older people

    A humans study, which once again confirms the detrimental effect of soy on muscles. According to the authors, the effect is likely due to the estrogenic properties of soy. Btw, the high dairy protein group had the biggest increase in strength gain. ...
  3. V

    Can Progesterone Increase Cortisol? Does It Lower It?

    1. Does any of you know if the body can covert progesterone from progesterone cream or Progest-e to cortisol? Can cortisol level increase with excess progesterone from Progest-e? 2. Or can the body covert supplemental pregnenelone to cortisol or estrogen? Thanks