1. cs3000

    Starch calories replacement without milk?

    how do people on low/no starch who don't tolerate milk proteins hit enough calories? seems like all those missing starch calories are hard to replace fruits don't have much calories apart from avocados (mostly fat calories not replacing much carbs). what other foods are good for replacing...
  2. haidut

    Remarkable Decline In Fertility - Half The World Below Replacement Levels

    I posted a few related threads on the topic of the declining reproductive health before. Sperm counts in males have declined by more than 60% since the 1970s. Sperm Count (a Surrogate For Male Health) In The West Has Declined By 60% Since The 1970s However, that finding does not seem to be...
  3. S

    Here's to a Proper Calf Liver Replacement Supplement

    Hi! If any of our fine people would be interested, here's my idea. Consider for a moment the benefits of a supplement which could well approximate the nutrients found in a weekly slice of liver. Here's what one dose (or seven doses, rather) would likely contain: 20mcg selenium 10mg zinc a few...