1. cupofcoffee

    Dr. Shanna Swan on How Plastics in Food are Affecting Our Hormone Levels

  2. Mito

    Seafood Study Finds Plastic In All Samples

    “A study of five different seafoods has found traces of plastic in every sample tested. Researchers bought oysters, prawns, squid, crabs and sardines from a market in Australia and analysed them using a newly developed method that identifies and measures five different plastic types...
  3. haidut

    A Piece Of Plastic Can Learn Through Training, Just Like Animals

    The house of cards that is modern "science" continues to crumble, albeit slowly. Several years ago I made a post on the ability of an "inanimate" piece of matter (dough) to learn simple behaviors through repetitive training, akin to the widely publicized "Pavlov dog". The dough study references...
  4. haidut

    Endocrine Disruptors (BPA) Can Cause Autism Several Generations Later

    In one of his recent newsletters, as well several KMUD interviews, Peat mentioned that the effects of GMO foods and other environmental toxins would not be immediately visible. In fact, they would take several generations to manifest and by the say third, forth, fifth generations we would start...
  5. haidut

    Bpa-free Plastic Just As Dangerous As One With Bpa

    The dangers of the so-called plasticisers are well-known and have been known for decades. Despite the extensive research, FDA refuses to ban these chemicals that are banned in many other countries. I recently posted a study on the mechanism through which the plasticisers cause damage...
  6. haidut

    Plasticisers (bpa, Dehp) Boost Pufa, Estrogen, Cortisol & Block Glucose Oxidation

    While the FDA continues to claim that BPA and other plastic derivatives are harmless since no known mechanism exists to explain their effects, the mechanisms of action have been quite well known for decades. BPA specifically is an estrogen "receptor" agonist more potent than estradiol, AND also...
  7. Amazoniac

    Plastic toxins leaching. Concerns with contact with food

    Hello! Is anyone here aware of the possible toxins leached when appliances that have Plastic containers are used? Most of the blenders and food processors are in direct contact with food, and not rarely in an acidic environment, which speeds up the leaching process. For everyday use, does it...
  8. J

    Dairy For The Plastic Sensitive

    I'm sensitive to plastic, to the extent that water from a plastic bottle tastes disgusting to me and can't drink it. There are studies showing water from plastic containers is estrogenic. I have two tips to consume dairy from plastic containers. 1. Make farmers cheese When I make farmers...
  9. burtlancast

    New Study:Most Plastic Products Release Estrogenic Chemicals

    A published 2011 study reveals most plastics release bisphenol - like products, even those claiming not to. ... hp.1003220