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plant toxins

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    Saponins In Food

    Why Potatoes Are Not Paleo: Adverse Health Effects | The Paleo Diet I suspect numerous bad effects from potatoes in myself, and others here often do too. I have found out from this blog post that it is high in SAPONINS, which directly increase intestinal permeability, increasing endotoxemia...
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    Plants' "protective Mechanisms"

    Peat often mentions how most plants are undigestible due to their own protective mechanisms they they have evolved to protect themselves from being grazed on and so on. These mechanisms supposedly manifest themselves in the plants being nutritionally weak, hard to extract nutrients from, or...
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    Green Vegetables: How Best To Prepare Them To Get The Most Good And The Least Harm?

    Hi, I've been wondering about how best to prepare green vegetables to get the most good and the least harm. I've read from Peat that: - All green vegetables have some defensive chemicals that can be poisonous for us. - Well-cooked vegetables can sometimes be a useful source of nutrition...