photodynamic therapy

  1. haidut

    High Metabolism Quickly Destroys / Chelates Endocrine Disruptors Like BPA

    I suspect the topic of endocrine disruptors is on many forum users' minds. We have had multiple discussions about them here, and the ability of chemicals like BPA / BPS to act as thyroid antagonists and estrogen agonists. Bpa-free Plastic Just As Dangerous As One With Bpa Plasticisers (bpa...
  2. I

    Metvix Red Light Treatment For Acne [Photodynamic Therapy] "It is a relatively new and effective medical treatment using a photosensitizing solution , Metvix (16% methyl aminolevulinate). Metvix solution is related to naturally occurring substances in the body. The photosensitizing solution is activated...
  3. W

    Methylene Blue In Photodynamic Therapy: From Basic Mechanisms To Clinical Applications

    Methylene blue in photodynamic therapy: From basic mechanisms to clinical applications. Tardivo JP1, Del Giglio A1, de Oliveira CS2, Gabrielli DS2, Junqueira HC2, Tada DB2, Severino D2, de Fátima Turchiello R2, Baptista MS2. Abstract Methylene blue (MB) is a molecule that has been playing...