Methylene Blue In Photodynamic Therapy: From Basic Mechanisms To Clinical Applications

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    Nov 26, 2012
    Methylene blue in photodynamic therapy: From basic mechanisms to clinical applications.
    Tardivo JP1, Del Giglio A1, de Oliveira CS2, Gabrielli DS2, Junqueira HC2, Tada DB2, Severino D2, de Fátima Turchiello R2, Baptista MS2.

    Methylene blue (MB) is a molecule that has been playing important roles in microbiology and pharmacology for some time. It has been widely used to stain living organisms, to treat methemoglobinemia, and lately it has been considered as a drug for photodynamic therapy (PDT). In this review, we start from the fundamental photophysical, photochemical and photobiological characteristics of this molecule and evolved to show in vitro and in vivo applications related to PDT. The clinical cases shown include treatments of basal cell carcinoma, Kaposi's Sarcoma, melanoma, virus and fungal infections. We concluded that used together with a recently developed continuous light source (RL50(®)), MB has the potential to treat a variety of cancerous and non-cancerous diseases, with low toxicity and no side effects.

    Here the link to the full study: ... %2900097-9

    A very huge THANK YOU to Ray Peat who kindly sent me this study.
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    Methylene Blue is an interesting chemical. Studies shows that it lowers estrogen when rats were given carbimazole, and it decreases the pituitary gland weight. It increases thyroxine and decreases prolactin.

    A few weeks ago, I came down with a viral and/or bacterial infection. Symptoms included a terrible migraine, loss of appetite, vomiting, Nausea ect. I decide to take about 20 drops of MB in 100 ml of water. I took a nap for an hour after taking the MB. Woke up without any symptoms and had regain my appetite. I took 20 drops for lunch and dinner and never had a recurrence.

    I think when taking a larger dosage, the only thing to be careful is it can lower blood sugar. Which can cause nausea( at least it did for me) Other than that, It's pretty safe.

    One more things, I pretty sure it increases dopamine because it does make colors more vivid. It reminds me of taking lisuride.