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    Aquarium Penicillin VK?

    Is Penicillin VK for aquarium use safe to use? Has anyone tried this? Here's the one I was looking at Aquarium Penicillin VK 250mg - 100 tablets-KD-10016 . It is USP.

    Penicillin VK and Activated Charcoal TOGETHER?

    Has anyone tried this? On an empty stomach ofc, downing the charcoal capsules then taking the penicillin

    Question about Penicillin VK 500 mg!!!

    Just ordered Penicillin VK tablets 500 mg (250 mg was out of stock) from an online Mexican pharmacy. How many days does Peat/this forum recommend to spend on a course for my lab rats, and should my rat use multiple 500 mg tablets or just one per day on the course? And should the rat take it on...
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