1. S

    Kiwi modulates my secondary narcolepsy and hypogonadism symptoms

    All my life I have struggled with sleep attacks during the day. Going Peaty helped me avoid these attacks during the day (making me employable), but in the afternoon and evening they occur at least once. They occur enough that I really can't get involved with things outside of family...
  2. R

    Thoughts on Narcolepsy

    I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 4 years ago based on my MSLT test plus the fact that I have cataplexy. It's not particularly bad case though, and I'm able to get by without medication. The main problem that I have is that I get periods of extreme drowsiness. It feels like a brain fog with...
  3. haidut

    Narcolepsy May Be Due To Estrogen

    This study found that the estrogen known as estriol was significantly elevated in patients with narcolepsy. While the study is old and aromatase inhibitors were not available at the time, I think they may be a viable therapy for this condition if estrogen is indeed a causative factor. Reminds of...