1. haidut

    Alcohol Causes Liver (and Other Organ) Damage By Lowering NAD/NADH Ratio

    A neat little study, which demonstrates once again the crucial role of energy and optimal redox status in a public health issue that has now reached catastrophic proportions. Namely, alcohol-related morbidity and mortality. Those have always been an issue in any developed country but since the...
  2. haidut

    Increased Fatty Acid Synthesis (FAS) Is Simply A Sign Of Oxygen Deficiency / Low Metabolism

    Just a quick post on a study that provides insight as to how increased fatty acid oxidation (FAO) can "paradoxically" result in increased FAS as well, thus leading to a vicious cycle most commonly seen in diabetes and cancer. One of my recent posts discussed a much more recent study that...
  3. haidut

    Inosine Increases NAD/NADH Ratio And Reduces Systemic Inflammation

    Yet another great study on inosine. It shows that a HED of just 8mg/kg administered just twice daily increased the NAD/NADH ratio by a whopping factor of 15 (see attached screenshot). While inosine itself is neither a precursor to NAD (like niacinamide) nor is it an oxidizing agent, I think its...
  4. P

    Taurine Increases NAD+

    Effect of dietary taurine supplementation on GSH and NAD(P)-redox status, lipid peroxidation, and energy metabolism in diabetic precataractous lens. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract PURPOSE: To evaluate changes in glutathione and NAD(P)-redox status, taurine and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels, glucose...
  5. P

    Methylene Blue Protection Against Hypoxic Injury In Primary Cultures Of Rat Hepatocyte Monolayers

    Methylene blue protection against hypoxic injury in primary cultures of rat hepatocyte monolayers. - PubMed - NCBI Mitochondrial respiration is inhibited in cells exposed to hypoxia, and the oxidation of NADH to NAD(+) is blocked. As a result, oxidation reactions requiring NAD(+) are blocked...
  6. cantstoppeating

    Generative Energy #26: Talking With Ray Peat #2: Carbon Dioxide, NAD+/NADH, Antibiotics, Coffee

    (or watch directly on youtube where the description has clickable links to different topics) Play the audio from a web page: #26: Talking with Ray Peat #2: Carbon Dioxide, NAD+/NADH, Antibiotics, Coffee Subscribe in a podcasts app: Use iTunes: Generative Energy Podcast by Danny Roddy on iTunes...
  7. LukeL

    Can Someone Explain NAD+/NADH Ratio To Me In A Digestible Way?

    Much appreciated!
  8. haidut

    Niacinamide Fully Prevents Breast Cancer Metastasis

    In yet another winning day (as Trump likes to say) for niacinamide, this study shows that the metastatic process of breast cancer is controlled by the NAD/NADH ratio, and NAD precursors like niacinamide can be effective chemotherapeutic agents. The human equivalent dose was 3g - 3.5g daily for a...
  9. haidut

    Niacinamide Causes Dramatic Increase In Nad And Fall In Lactate

    The good things about this study is that it is human and as such the doses are directly relevant. Given that the patient had MELAS, the niacinamide dose used was on the high end but still quite reasonable and comparable to the human trials of niacinamide in Alzheimer disease and stroke. The...