1. techmo

    Is banana causing canker sore or something?

    I suffer from canker sore, those white sores my whole life, in certain periods they occur in others not The probable causes are: - reflux problems, I've had reflux my whole life, when I let acid get into my mouth, the dentist warned me that it can cause - I get distracted easily because I have...
  2. HeyThere

    Marble-sized cyst in cheek. 2 years now, gets smaller if I rub it - why?

    Doctors are pathetic. I went in and they had a whole table set up for a procedure which I wasn't expecting, I thought they were just going to assess the situation. So, I'm sitting there while he looks at the inside of my cheek and he says "I don't see it" and basically that was it. I look at...
  3. haidut

    Bacterial Lipids (endotoxin), Not Cholesterol, May Be A Cause Of CVD

    The role of endotoxin (and TLR) in cardiovascular disease (CVD) is probably well-known by most people on this forum. Peat rarely writes on a topic without mentioning either endotoxin or keeping the gut clean as one of the main paths to good health. The role of cholesterol is finally getting to...