meal frequency / timing

  1. J

    Smaller, more frequent meals = night time hunger

    I've been trying out smaller but more frequent meals lately, which is the standard recommendation on this board, in order to reduce the stress potential of bigger meals (such as ammonia, hypoglycemia, lipidemia etc). Unfortunately this causes night time hunger for me which worsens my insomnia...
  2. B

    Meal Timing Circadian Rythym Cortisol

    Info graph here just incase you cant see it
  3. J

    Ideal Meal Frequency Representing Supreme Health

    An area which seems to bring about some contradiction on the forum is meal frequency. I have seen some posts indicating the notion that a healthy organism can get away with 2-3 servings of food daily, while others seem to believe a healthy and productive metabolism results in constant hunger due...
  4. Milky

    Increased Protein Intake And Meal Frequency Reduces Abdominal Fat

    Increased Protein Intake and Meal Frequency Reduces Abdominal Fat During Energy Balance and Energy Deficit The group that ate 35% of their calories as protein 6 times a day (25-32g at each meal according to the meal plan) lost more total body fat and abdominal fat AND actually gained lean body...