1. ShirtTieFitness

    Peas: The Thiamine And Vitamin K Powerhouse

    A Case for the Ray PEAt. (excuse the pun... that was terrible) To those including starch and are not reducing their fibre content. practical substitute for Kale, or leafy greens. Peas can be a viable carbohydrate/protein source; particularly for those who struggle with Potatoes or the...
  2. F

    Red Light In Europe

    The winter is here and it's cold and dark all the time were I live. I need some help to find the right type of lights to use during the winter. We have 220-240 v here while US has 110-130 v or something, right? Anyways, I found this bulb on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350967916172?_t ...
  3. D

    "Phytates" In Legumes - Removing Them?

    Phytates are "anti-nutients" found in legumes. They supposedly combine with essentials minerals and wash them away in the digestive tract. But I've heard there's a way to remove them - but not sure how. Anyone know?